The Barrhaven Blog authorMy wife and I are two longtime residents of the Barrhaven community. In fact, we remember the days when retail was limited to a few strip malls, the Barrhaven Mall and two grocery stores. It’s amazing how much the community has grown in a few short decades.

To us, Barrhaven is home. I created this blog to celebrate all the positive aspects of living in our suburban paradise. I intend to blog about many different subjects, including reviews of businesses that deliver quality services to local consumers. I might dabble into politics and local events as well.

I want the blog to adopt a positive tone. I invite all readers to share their positive comments and stories as well. I truly want to create a platform that celebrates the success stories, events and people of Barrhaven. Join us and help us grow as a community.

Andre Lefrancois

The Barrhaven Blog