Barrhaven entrepreneurs introduce their homegrown hot sauce!

Barrhaven is home to many home based businesses, and today I have the pleasure of sharing a post written by some local entrepreneurs who are introducing their very own, made in Barrhaven hot sauce. The product will soon be available in local stores but be warned – we’re told the peppers they grow in their Barrhaven backyard pack quite a punch!

About Haico

Barrhaven Hot Sauce

Haico grew up in The Netherlands in a multi-cultural environment… East Indian, Surinam, Indonesian and many others. This helped him to develop a taste for sophisticated spicy food at a young age. Once Haico moved to Canada, he tried to find the same level of flavor and heat in the hot sauces and food in Canada, but to no avail. Disappointed Haico decided to take over the world of hot sauce by growing his own peppers and making his own hot sauce.

The result of this endeavour is an ever growing number of hot sauces varying in spiciness from mild to wild. All peppers and most ingredients are home grown in Barrhaven by Haico and his wife.

The peppers grown in the local backyard vary from Hungarian Wax Peppers and  Jalapeno’s on one side of the heat spectrum to Ghost Peppers, Scorpion Peppers and even Carolina Reapers. Carolina Reapers are current Guinness World Record holders for being the hottest pepper on the planet.  Fun fact:  Haico’s peppers are grown on Pepperrall Crescent!

All the hot sauces have their own distinct flavor palate and heat level. In other words, there is a flavor for every pepperhead or wannabe pepperhead out there! Even people that have never had a liking for hot sauces will be convinced and converted. Before embarking on this journey together, Haico’s wife thought that ground black pepper on food was too spicy, but when cooking now, Haico’s Hot Sauce is a staple in every recipe!

Taking over the world of Hot Sauce!

Currently all the hot sauces are canned in small mason jars. Chilly Chilies in Manotick  has agreed to carry Haico’s Hot Sauce but Haico needs  to get different packaging and labels.

So Haico started a Kickstarter project to generate the necessary start up funds.  This internet platform pre-sells the hot sauce in the new 100 ml bottles and labels. When the goal is met before deadline, the funds raised will be used to get the new bottles and labels.  And people all over the world can enjoy Haico’s Hot Sauce.  The Kickstarter orders will be delivered before Christmas.

For a description and contents of all hot sauces offered through this project , please visit:

Haico is a few days away from the end of the project and very close to meeting his goal so he has set a stretch goal.  When he meets the new goal, he is going to upgrade his bottling system.

To be part of this adventure, go to :