Beautiful Greenbelt Hiking Trails in and around Barrhaven

Here in Ottawa, we’re spoiled for choices when it comes to getting outdoors. With the Greenbelt all around us and Gatineau Park right across the river, it can’t get much easier to get outside and reap the benefits that come with spending time in nature!

BUT, life can get busy, and sometimes you don’t want to have to go too far to feel reconnected with nature.

The creators of Adventure Report have hiked (and written about!) almost every single trail there is to hike around Ottawa. Below, they’ve put together a list of the trails that are closest to Barrhaven!

Chapman Mills Conservation Area

Boardwalk - Chapman-Mills Barrhaven

Hiking report

Distance from Barrhaven: In Barrhaven!

Length of the Trail: 3 kilometers

Pinhey Forest

dog walking pinhey trail Barrhaven

Distance from Barrhaven: 8 kilometers

Length of Trail 31: 3.8 kilometers

Length of Trail 32: 3 kilometers

Stony Swamp

sarsaparilla outlook Barrhaven hiking trail

Distance from Barrhaven: 12 kilometers

Length of the Sarsaparilla Trail: 0.8 kilometers

Length of the Jack Pine Trail: 2.25 kilometers

Length of the Lime Kiln Trail: 4 kilometers

Length of the Beaver and Chipmunk Trails: 1.8 kilometers

The Old Quarry Trail

forest old quarry Barrhaven

Hiking report

Distance from Barrhaven: 16 kilometers

Length of the Sarsaparilla Trail: 5.7 kilometers

The Jock River

Jock River Barrhaven Trail

Hiking report

Technically, the Jock River isn’t a hiking trail. But it’s an awesome paddling route. And it’s right in Barrhaven!Distance from Barrhaven: In Barrhaven!

Length of the Route: 18.5 kilometers (starting from Richmond)

Adventure Report publishes new trail reports weekly, highlighting great hikes to take in and around the Capital Region. If you’re looking for inspiration to get outdoors more often, follow them on Instagram (@adventurereport) or check out their website-

Happy hiking!