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photo1Today I have the pleasure to introduce the community to a talented local blogger who’s work has appeared in numerous online publications, including Holl and Lane, Best Kept Self and the Chelsea Krost Blog.

Her vision is to inspire people to live their best life by balancing wellness, nutrition and exercise.

You can read her blog at Knowing Kelly. 

Hello fellow readers of The Barrhaven Blog,

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Kelly, and I have been graciously invited to guest post over here today. I live in Barrhaven (maybe next door to you?) and I blog over at my own personal lifestyle blog, Knowing Kelly. 

Now, I didn’t always live in Barrhaven. Truthfully, I grew up in Carleton Place (please don’t hate on my little hometown- they have a Walmart now and are moving up in the world). I lived in downtown Ottawa for a while, and then moved out to Barrhaven for a boy (although I wouldn’t admit it at the time). I never thought I’d live in Barrhaven. Honestly, I had some not-so-nice opinions of the place. Opinions that have been proven wrong over and over again since I moved.

Guys, I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE Barrhaven now. I mean, I have a movie theatre, multiple grocery stores and several breakfast joints just steps from my house. Some of the people I’ve met here are really awesome. And honestly? It’s clean. The community is well maintained and people here take care of both personal and public spaces. What’s not to love?

Finally I’m getting to the real meat of this post. Today I want to share with you my five favourite places in Barrhaven. Are you ready?

1. Broadway’s Bar and Grill Barrhaven 

Broadways Bar & Grill Barrhaven

Okay, this is totally expected because basically all of Barrhaven can be found here on a Saturday morning. But I haven’t been able to find a better place to get such a value breakfast. A FULL plate of toast, eggs, bacon and home fries that make my knees weak -all for $8?

I have a secret. My boyfriend and I used to go every single weekend for months. No, we’re not 300 pounds. Now we go once or twice a month, which is a little more reasonable.

2. Stonebridge Trail

If you have a dog, you’ve probably been down this trail a few times. I used to live in a place nearby and run along the trail. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by nature so close to home. It’s like my little piece of paradise in the heart of Barrhaven. The trail isn’t too long (unless you continue after Prince of Wales), so it’s a pretty great way to get some quick exercise.

3. Mountaingoat Yoga 

Mountaingoat Yoga Barrhaven

Full disclosure: this is the first yoga studio I’ve been to. But know what? I love the instructors and place is very welcoming.

I try to go once a week, and especially love Heather’s Yin Yoga classes on Wednesday evenings. I would be there more often if my wallet allowed for it.

4. Cafe Cristal 

Cafe Cristal Barrhaven

This is a newbie but a goodie. Cafe Cristal just opened on Kennevale, right near the Burgers and Shakes, across from the future car park. They make a fantastic chai latte with almond milk (great for people who don’t drink milk, like myself). You can get desserts, sandwiches, coffee, tea and even gelato here. It’s wonderful. Also, the decor is beautiful- I feel like I should be in a coffee shop in Paris. Anytime I can, I make an excuse to stop by.

5. La Porto a Casa

One of the first places I went for dinner in Barrhaven was this fantastic Italian restaurant. It needs no introduction because I’m sure you all know exactly the place I’m talking about. Every time I go, I order the manicotti, which comes on a plate/bowl hybrid thing, drowned in sauce and cheese. The food is like having an out-of-body experience; it’s so good. If you haven’t been yet, run. Don’t walk. But call for a reservation first, because they’re probably fully booked.

So? How did I do? Am I well on my way to becoming an official Barrhaven resident? What are your favourite places in Barrhaven?