Local (and successful) bakery startup needs your help to grow in Barrhaven

Barrhaven is home to many home-based businesses. Yes, entrepreneurship is alive and well in our community. Today’s post is about a successful locally owned business looking to make the leap from a home-based business to a retail one – with a twist. They have started a crowdfunding campaign to start a local retail kitchen which they hope to share with other local entrepreneurs. What a great idea! Here’s more information on how you can help.

Barrhaven Bakery Startup Entrepreneur

I have a dream to bake the world a batter place. These days life is so busy and time is more precious than ever before. A few years ago my husband and I started our journey into entrepreneurship. With his business skills and my baking talent, we started our bakery – The Midnight Baker. Yes, I’m really up past midnight baking, in fact, I often wake up at 2 am to start baking.

This year our business grew exponentially during our time at The Log Farm Farmer’s Market here in Barrhaven. Looking back over the market season we noticed that our products have evolved and expanded in ways that truly resonate with our customers. We were blessed to be enfolded into The Log Farm family and to see many repeat customers over the season. Some of our customers have even “followed” us to the craft shows we’ve been set up at since the market season finished.

We’ve reached a point where it’s time to take a bold step forward and move towards getting our own space. Commercial kitchens are expensive, especially for us in small business. Our big dream is to one day have our own storefront, but we want to be responsible, run debt-free, and yet work on building a reputable name in our community.

Instead, here’s what we propose: to build our own commercial kitchen space and to share it with other small business food entrepreneurs. So, we’ve started a crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo. Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Most crowdfunding campaigns offer some type a rewards system, Indiegogo calls them perks. The Midnight Baker is offering a number of great perks for a variety of funding options big and small. That is what brings us here today. We want to reach out to our community to ask for your help! We know not everyone is in a place that they can contribute financially, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Spread the word! Make some noise! Share our campaign. Shout us out on social media or by word of mouth! Every little bit helps!

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