Saturday September 5th is Barrhaven Cleanup Day

A group has formed in the Barrhaven community to help improve our parks, streets, and trails by organizing a Barrhaven Cleanup Day.

The issue:

Waste and litter are pilling up in our community and we need to work together to help keep Barrhaven clean and save our planet.

So let’s get together and help each other and our community.

That’s why we’re organizing a Barrhaven Cleanup Day so everyone can individually help our environment.

What and when:

Come join us in cleaning Barrhaven.

On Saturday, September the 5th 2020, wherever you are in Barrhaven, help pick up some trash and send a picture or a DM to our Instagram page of your efforts with the hashtag #BarrhavenCleanup .

Go to your local park, trail, forest, or street and pick up as much trash as you can and dispose of it properly. Make sure to check Instagram the next day to see how much you and your friends did to make a difference. 

Other info:

This is an all-day event. Participate for as long or as little as you want.

Whoever collects the most trash will get a shoutout on our Instagram and a certificate to remind them that they are an eco-hero!

Please follow COVID-19 safety protocols during this event such as social distancing, wearing gloves and donning face masks.