The benefits of advertising your business on the Barrhaven Blog

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Benefit #1 – Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your message across to consumers

Content marketing is vastly more effective than traditional banner ads. The Barrhaven Blog offers you a unique opportunity to share your expertise with the community and help build your reputation as a knowledge leader in your field.

Long form guest posts can be used to offer advice, explain how your service works or even showcase pictures of your products. We offer you a digital canvas which can contain text, pictures and even video – great tools to help get your message across to local consumers!

Benefit #2 – We’re focused on Barrhaven

We want to share your message and brand with local consumers. The Barrhaven Blog is 100% focused on the South Nepean community. We offer you the opportunity to target your advertising dollars where they’ll have the most impact – local consumers!

Benefit #3 – We’re social

We’ll work hard to get your content displayed where people do most of their reading and media consumption – social media. Your guest post on the Barrhaven Blog will be instantly shared on both our Facebook and Twitter channels. It will also appear on our iPhone and iPad apps.

Your message will reach thousands of local consumers – and that’s before the social sharing even begins. Some of our more popular posts have reached between 20,000 to 80,000 consumers. The secret is to craft a blog post that offers useful information that people will want to share with friends and family.

Benefit #4 – We’ll help you reach more consumers on Google

Let’s try a little experiment. Go to Google and search for “Barrhaven Restaurants”, “Barrhaven Bakery” or “Barrhaven Tailor”.

Have a close look at the page 1 results. More often than not, you’ll find one of our blog posts in the top results.

People often search Google for local service providers. When they find a blog post from a local company that offers sound advice, it helps build trust and increases your chances of acquiring new customers.

Benefit #5 – We offer a local backlink to your business website

Looking to increase traffic to your business website? A guest post on the Barrhaven Blog always includes a permanent link back to your website, which means it will keep generating traffic over the long term. And it will also provides a strong signal to Google which can help increase your website ranking in search results.

 Benefit #6 – You’ll get a free 1 year listing in the Barrhaven Business Directory

I’m currently in the process of adding local businesses to the Barrhaven Business Directory

There are 500+ businesses in Barrhaven, so it might take a while for me to get them all listed! Purchasing a guest post on The Barrhaven Blog ensures that your business will get a free one year entry on The Barrhaven Business Directory right away.

Benefit #7 – We’re affordable

A guest post on The Barrhaven Blog (including social shares + a one year listing in the Barrhaven Business Directory) only cost $89. This is a one time fee and your post will remain on The Barrhaven Blog permanently.

Benefit #8 – We can write a guest post for you

Not comfortable writing your own guest post? No worries. For a modest fee, we can match you up with a local writer who will work with you to craft an amazing article.

Benefit #9 – I care about local businesses and our community

I’m a long time Barrhaven resident who truly cares about my community. It matters to me that Barrhaven residents have access to a wide variety of local service providers and retail stores. I want to help make the community aware of new businesses and smaller service providers who may not be able to afford the high costs of traditional advertising.

Benefit #10 – You’ll get a free one month Banner ad on every page of the Barrhaven Blog

Every guest post purchase includes a one month 300X250 banner ad on every page of our blog. This is a great way to raise your brand awareness at the community level.

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