To Be Better, Barrhaven…

I must admit I was quite happy when this guest post hit my inbox this morning. I had spoken to its author Ali Yaqub a few days before and was intrigued by his enthusiasm and love of the community. He mused about how we could make our community better by crowd sourcing small positive actions.

So I tried it out myself last evening. I took half an hour out of my day to do something special for another community member whom I had never met. The details don’t matter, but the person in question sent me a nice email this morning to thank me. And sure enough, this made my day feel extra special. Read on, be inspired – and make a positive change. Many small actions can indeed make a big difference in our community.

Be better Barrhaven

Why do we strive to be better? What is the objective in modifying our personal perspective of ourselves? Is it a result for our desire to avoid the dire state of constancy? Is it a viable means to identify personal changes as milestones to be put towards our progress in life? Or maybe it’s something far more profound, relative to Mankind’s unrelenting need for growth and innovation?

Regardless of its origin, change can translate into a very powerful force which unrelentingly begs our attention. Contrary to the traditional consensus which stipulates the majority of human beings fear change in order to avoid disruption, I firmly believe we need it. I’m not referring to just any change though; it must be a change which positively impacts our desired state. Any change which can potentially better ourselves is a change we, in my humble opinion, innately desire.

Be Better BarrhavenSo what is #BeBetterBarrhaven all about? Exactly that, positive change at the grass roots level, change which begins at the roots and springs forth to present itself as a canopy of definitive progress. As the campaign title suggests, we are “challenging” Barrhaven to “be better”. The scope by which we’re promoting this personal “challenge” varies based on each individual’s capacity. We’re not expecting every member of the community to make aggressive positive changes in their life, which may inadvertently cause more harm than good. In fact, any drastic change in your life leaves one potentially subject to the symptoms of “withdrawal” which may have adverse effects on other components of your daily activities. Instead, we desire to witness a large segment of the population to make individual, positive yet minor changes which should culminate to an undeniable reflection of positive progress to be felt community wide and beyond. The phrase “United we stand, divided we fall” comes to mind when assessing the ideal objective of the campaign.

Now, we are begged with the question as to what one can or should do to “be better”? It is my firm belief that in order to definitively change your life, you must change another’s. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to go outside and buy your neighbor that in-ground pool they’ve always talked about. No, instead it refers to the profound human ability to discharge an indirect permutation unto their surrounding by merely changing their state of self being.  

Now, what the heck is that supposed to mean?! Fair enough, let me give you an example we can all relate to. Have you ever been in a line up at a local Tim Horton’s and your fellow line mate ahead of you is clearly agitated? He/She won’t stop fidgeting, sighing heavily, constantly gesturing to peer behind the counter as if to see any more coffee specialists available to address his/her dire need for their large triple triple? How would this individual make you feel? I’m going to go ahead and assume that you would probably wish they weren’t there or at least not so cranky about going through the exact same thing that you seem to be handling quite well.

Now my dear friends, I present to you the same scenario but with the individual before you, beaming with a smile from ear to ear. Every gesture, smirk, or minor movement is absolutely warm in nature and harmless in its delivery. He/She are not just content, but are legitimately happy at the prospect of starting their morning with a delicious, calorie rich large triple triple. Now, how would your proximity to this individual make you feel? I’m going to go ahead and speculate that it would be a pleasure to share a public forum with such a warm and positive member of your community. I say this, because I know I would enjoy the company of such a positive person. Every time I am so privileged, my day is automatically made and I

typically endure the rest of it with a good attitude. The individual in the second scenario, loving life and not afraid to show it; he/she is an example of a member of your community who has made a commitment to “be better”. And by being better, they have inadvertently become the benefactor to the positive state and joy of their community

And that my friends, is the true power of change. The act to “be better” and make a small positive change in your life is the catalyst but the miracle lies in the result, the impact such change has had on those around you. Having said that, Barrhaven, my friends, my neighbors, my communal family; anything you plan on doing to “be better”, whatever it may be; playing with your kids more, greater frequency of physical activity or exercise, re-instating a long lost hobby, taking a vacation…make sure that its substantial, and it makes you smile long enough to have your significant other, neighbor, colleague or BFF notice and feel the positive impact of the “better” you.

Another means to truly “be better” is helping others who may or may not need it. Literally, just doing something good for the sake of doing it. Like mowing your neighbor’s lawn because it’s a hot day and you know the act would bring a smile to their face. Or paying for that annoying line mate’s coffee, who we had reflected on earlier; which might actually change his/her entire day. Or volunteering at the local food cupboard, in any capacity, as long as it brings forth change. Again, to change your life, you must change another’s; an eternal exchange of reciprocal “betterism”(yes, I made that word up). And just as long as the effort to “be better” continues on an individual basis, its combined, communal momentum can break any negative and fictitious boundary erected to impede your ability to be the best you that can possibly be.

Whatever you choose to do, we invite you to talk about in a public forum using our facebook page; and tag us (#SnapFitnessBarrhaven, #BeBetterBarrhaven). Let’s come together in an effort to “be better” Barrhaven; because a smile is the simplest form of charity, given or received. ..Until next time,  peace and love,

Ali Yaqub
Club Owner
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