A local tailor with great customer service

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse that buying a new piece of clothing, only to have it accidentally damaged or ripped the very first time you wear it. For many of you, repairing a damaged garment might not be a big ordeal. For others (men, I’m looking at you) it can be a more complicated situation. I’ll set my personal pride aside and admit that I’ve busted a button or two off some pants over the years. I’ve also suffered my fair share of tears and rips.

Fortunately,  I found Prestige Tailors at the Riocan Marketplace. This is the kind of small niche merchant I love to blog about. When you walk into their store, they are quick to greet you with a friendly smile and sometimes will perform a quick fix right on the spot. For more complicated jobs, they can usually get the work done in a day or two. But this isn’t simply a great customer service story. The staff are very skilled at what they do. On one occasion, not only did they fix a rip I had made in a new pair of pants, they actually identified the weak spot in the garment and fortified it to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. It’s those little extra touches that really matter to consumers.

Prestige Tailor in Barrhaven
Prestige Tailor’s features both friendly and skilled staff who know their trade. Strongly recommended.

The store is also a dry cleaners, but I haven’t used those services yet, therefore I’ll reserve comment for a future post. But for those seeking an emergency repair to their favorite article of clothing, help is just a few minutes away.

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