Barrhaven Optometric presents their annual Sunglass Trunk Show

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Barrhaven Optometric, a trusted local health care provider that’s been providing state of the art eye care in Barrhaven for over 35 years. Today they share details of their upcoming annual Sunglass Trunk Show. A great opportunity to experience the latest styles in name brand sunglasses.

It’s time for our Annual Sunglass Trunk Show!

Barrhaven Eye Care

Most people know the sun’s rays are bad for our skin. But did you know they’re just as bad for our eyes?

Sunglasses are a great fashion accessory, but their most important job is to protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Unfortunately, everyone is at risk for eye damage from the sun and people with blue eyes are more susceptible (blue irises have less of the protective pigment melanin), as are those who live closer to the equator or work outside. Certain medications — like birth control pills, tetracycline, and sulfa drugs can also put you at risk. Some of the sun’s effects on the eyes include:

• Cataracts, a clouding of the eye’s lens that can blur vision. An estimated 20% of cases are caused by extended UV exposure.

• Macular degeneration, resulting from damage to the retina that destroys central vision. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in Canada.

• Pterygium, a tissue growth over the white part of the surface of the eye that can alter the curve of the eyeball, causing astigmatism.

UV damage to the eyes typically happens over time, but short-term damage can also occur if you spend too much time in the sun just one day without proper eye protection. “Short-term UV exposure can leave eyes bloodshot, swollen, or hypersensitive to light,”. Over a longer term, this exposure can accelerate serious eye health problems.” When purchasing sunglasses, look for ones that block out 99 to 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation, so you can keep your vision sharp and eyes healthy. A hat offers great protection, too!

Barrhaven Optometric Centre has the protection you need!

On March 31st, from 6:00pm – 9:00pm you will find an extensive collection of sunglasses from your favorite brands. Sun representatives will be showcasing their collections, with a significant savings of 20% off the total purchase price! Spring releases from Carrera, Gucci, Michael Kors, Maui Jim & Ray Ban will be in office and available in prescription or non-prescription. Our friendly staff will be able to answer your questions and fit you with a Hot deal on a Cool style to ensure you’re well protected for those sunny days ahead!

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Barrhaven Optometric