Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s almost sugar bush time in Barrhaven!

The only good thing I can say about February 2015 is that thank god it only lasted 28 days. March is now in full swing, and already we’re starting to feel some warmer temperatures – well, relatively warmer anyhow. And as our days get longer and warmer, it’s just a matter of time until mother nature blesses us with fresh local maple treats. When the daytime temperatures reach above zero, and the nights remain cool, local sugar maples will begin to produce sap which is collected and processed in what is referred to as a sugar shack.

Barrhaven Sugar Bush
Just a few of the sweet maple treats that await at the Lone Star Sugar Bush on Cedarview Road.

For those of us in Barrhaven, a fun day out at a maple bush is much closer than you might think. Just head on down Fallowfield road and take a right turn onto Cedarview Road, then head to the bottom of the hill. On your right you’ll find the entrance to the Lone Star Log Farm, a historic site owned and operated by Lone Star Texas Grill.

For the last ten years, the facility has put on their annual spring Sugar Bush celebration with demonstrations of how sap was collected and processed in days gone by. The owners are dedicated to depicting the process as it was done back when the site was the Bradley’s working farm. This is one of the nicest maple bushes around, and very close to Barrhaven to boot! What’s not to love.

If you’re looking for some sweet maple treats a little close to home, you might want to drop by Ross’s Independent Grocer and check out their spring maple display. It looks great, and the treats it harbors look even better. Nothing like fresh maple syrup on your waffles in the morning!

Maple products on sale at Ross Independent Grocer
A nice selection of maple treats on display at Ross’s Independent Grocer

Whichever way you decide to celebrate the arrival of spring, we hope to see you all in the great outdoors!
Barrhaven Sugar Bush Banner