Black Tar Paving Creates the First Online Paving Calculator

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Asphalt Driveway Calculator – Get Advice, On Your Driveway Price! 

Social Distancing seems to be our new norm. We thought maintaining our original lifestyle would be easy, but the longer we live it, the more we realize how much is missing.

As companies work harder than ever to help bring the world to your fingertips, Black Tar Quality Paving realized that the construction industry lacks an online presence. Thus, an online paving calculator for residential home-owners was created.

Calculate Re-paving costs in Three Easy Steps

Step 1 Input your address in the Black Tar – Driveway Paving Calculator
Step 2 Zoom into the satellite image of your driveway
Step 3 Outline where you would like to pave by clicking on the outer edges

and the price will automatically appear!

If the quote approximation is within your budget, you can request a free estimate from Black Tar Construction to determine exactly how much the project would cost, down to the cent!

For your safety, Black Tar now provides Contact-Free Estimates within the comfort of your home.

Contact-Free Estimates – How does it work?

Timeline Action
Book Estimate Request an online “Contact-Free Estimate” here, or by calling (888) 424- 5455
Appointment Begins (Minute1) Project Estimator will call you.
Project Specifications (Minute 1-5) Explain project details to the Project Estimator
Quote Creation (Minute 5-25) Project Estimator will create the quote while you are in the comfort of your own home.
Quote Explanation (Minute 25-35) Quote Explanation Project Estimator will send the quote to your email.

How Does the Paving Process Work?

We understand the importance of long-lasting asphalt driveway and the value it adds to the houses. Your driveway welcomes you every day and creates the first impression on your guests. It is something that you definitely do not want to ignore as it may create big inconvenience. Therefore each step of the paving process should be handled carefully.

We can categorize this process into five steps:


Asphalt is carefully excavated without removing too much of the base.


Large excavators pick up the asphalt to load the dump trucks. The asphalt is usually recycled for environmental support.


The elevation of the sub-grade is analyzed and perfected to ensure water flows away from the house to the designated areas.


Laying down 2-3 inches of compacted HL3 road-grade, the asphalt is applied and rolled in a trade-secret manner to give you an incredible curb appeal.


Any dirt, gravel, or extra asphalt is cleaned with machinery and removed from the vicinity. The final touch is what matters most.

About Black Tar Paving

Black Tar Paving was founded in 2012 with the goal of offering outstanding customer service and quality asphalt. The growth of Black Tar has been achieved through exceeding customer expectations at any cost. The customer is a priority through every step of the way. Our commitment to quality has allowed us to foster closer relationships with our customers, suppliers, and staff. Our customer service department is Canada-based and operates 12 hours a day; 7 days a week to ensure your questions and concerns are answered immediately. Whether commercial or residential, the highest quality asphalt in the market is used to ensure durability and long-term savings. Hence, we offer the longest warranty in the industry, a 5-Year Warranty! 


Residential Paving

We understand the importance of long-lasting asphalt driveway and the value it adds to your house. We offer driveway paving with a 5-year maintenance warranty. You can get a free quote for paving services including sealing, pot-hole repair, asphalt ramp, and crack fill.

Commercial Paving

Freshly paved parking lot, driveway, and entrance are important as they invite customers to your business. We offer asphalt paving, resurfacing, and other repair services. You can get a free quote for any paving services we provide.

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