Come out to the Angel’s Gala on May 2nd to support a young women who is trying to go above and beyond.

Living in Barrhaven, you may have grown up with her, seen her at a restaurant or even on the local news. Her name is Brynn McLennan and her charity is Stem Cells for Brynn.

Brynn grew up with Muscular Dystrophy, diagnosed at age 12. The Canadian medical system only offered pain management drugs. Realizing that our medical system has helped many, it was still obvious that there was nothing that it could do to help slow down the progression of Brynn’s disease. Saddened by the news, her Mother began to look for alternative treatments outside of our Country.

Brynn now receives stem cell treatment outside of the country. She has already had such amazing results and continues to impress her family and the Doctors following her. Brynn understands that Doctors in Canada cannot support her journey outside of the country as it jeopardizes their practice. Deciding to go outside of her country was a big decision. Many Canadian families understand the situation Brynn’s Mother was in, she had to fight for her child’s health and to know that she was just going to have to sit back and watch as her child deteriorated was just not acceptable.

Above getting healthy, Brynn’s goal is to show her fellow citizens that we need to get behind stem cell treatment and push to have it part of our health care. It does not only help Cancer, it can improve many diseases and disabilities. Neither Brynn nor her Mom ever suggest this is a cure nor do they advocate it a so. But the benefits and improvements that they have already seen is more then they could ever imagined. Brynn gets some of her life and independence back and her Mother gets to see her healthy baby girl live a full life.

Canada is behind the times, her Mother and herself are strong advocates of getting the treatment to Canada. If you’d like to support Brynn’s journey by way of monetary donations, auction items or spreading awareness, please visit her website:

If you would like to attend the upcoming Angel’s Gala on May 2nd at Villa Marconi please purchase your tickets on the website. There will be a four course meal, silent auction items, photo booth and dancing – it is sure to be a fun time while supporting a good cause.

Stem Cells for Brynn