Amazing Barrhaven drone footage

Barrhaven might look a tad disheveled lately what with all the construction and retail growth, but it sure looks pretty from the sky. Today I want to share some pretty incredible drone videos that show Barrhaven from a birds’ point of view.

The first video comes courtesy of Philip Battison. I love this footage he caught of the Vimy Memorial Bridge with his DJI Phantom 3 drone. The video was shot on a nice clear night with the bridge lights highlighting the surrounding snow. Great work Philip – thanks for sharing on Youtube.

Our next video comes courtesy of AP foto. It’s not a drone video but I’ve included it because it’s a beautiful time lapse video of Barrhaven’s newest landmark.

No soundtrack on these next videos, but the shear beauty of the Jock river makes these wonderful silent short movies. Warning, this will make you miss the warm summer months we left behind just a short time ago. Special thanks to Kenneth Leong for sharing on Youtube.

Can’t neglect our friendly neighbors located just downstream from Barrhaven. Here is some amazing footage of Manotick. Thanks again to Kenneth Leong for sharing.

Our final video comes courtesy of Dave Enstrom. It’s a beautiful time lapse video of the construction of the Vimy Bridge. If only things happened this fast in real life!

Do you have some interesting local videos to share? Send us a message using our contact page – we’d love to see them featured on the Barrhaven blog!