Shopping for eyeglasses in Barrhaven

Today’s post is a quick shout-out for a local business that recently provided me with a great shopping experience.

Barrhaven eyeglasses eye exam optician

I recently had to purchase new eyeglasses as my eyesight began to weaken and I learned that my prescription had changed. I never realized how many opticians are located in Barrhaven.

There are 9 stand-alone opticians in our community, and that’s not counting the various kiosks located in big box stores:

  • Laurier Optical
  • Barrhaven Optometric Centre
  • Barrhaven Eye Exam Clinic
  • eyeDOCS Barrhaven
  • Costco Vision Center
  • Eyes of Barrhaven
  • Arora Optical
  • Hakim Optical Barrhaven
  • eyeDOCS Riverside South

Like most people, my reading prescription is different than my work (computer) prescription, therefore I was looking to purchase two pairs of glasses. I wasn’t interested in progressive or dual prescription lenses.

Each store I visited had its share of both strengths and weaknesses. Some had an amazing selection of products, but with astronomical pricing. Some stores had very low pricing – but also a very poor selection of products with costly add-ons. I was looking for a store that featured great customer service, a decent product selection, and fair pricing.

Eyes of Barrhaven Optician Eye Exams

For my needs, Eyes of Barrhaven offered the best combination of customer service, product selection, and pricing. They took the time to inquire about my reading habits to determine how far media is from my eyes when I read or use the computer. Never really stopped to consider that we all hold books differently when we read, and that can have a significant impact on your prescription. Measuring the distance between your eyes and computer monitor is also very important. The staff at Eyes of Barrhaven made me feel confident that I was getting my prescription right for my specific reading habits.

Once we determined my correct prescription, we moved onto style. The staff at Eyes of Barrhaven were very helpful in helping me find eyeglasses that suited my specific facial structure. I had whittled my selection down to 4-5 pairs of glasses, and once the salesperson got a feel for what I was looking for, he was able to show me additional products that I had overlooked. The staff here are not only skilled opticians but also very good stylists.

I should also note that the selection of eyewear on offer was very impressive in terms of both quality and quantity. Pricing was very fair and fell within my budget which was more or less set by my company benefit plan.

Eyes of Barrhaven Optician Eye Exams eyeglasses eyewearOverall I was very impressed with all aspects of my shopping experience at Eyes of Barrhaven.

If you’re in the market for new eyewear, I would definitely recommend a visit to their store which is located directly across from the new Lone Star restaurant at the Costco mall.

They can be reached by phone at
(613) 440-3937