Great news for Barrhaven carnivors – we’re getting a true BBQ restaurant!

With apologies to local vegans, there’s a reason why god made cows both slow and tasty – BBQ season! And today, I’ve got a special treat for all you meat lovers out there. I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post that Barrhaven is home to one of the city’s best butcher shops, and now we’re getting our very own smokehouse BBQ restaurant!

Capital City Smokehouse in Barrhaven
Capital City Smokehouse in Barrhaven

The new restaurant (which should open sometime in early July) is located at 2910 Woodroffe Ave. There’s a few reasons why I’m so enthused about this new addition to the Barrhaven restaurant scene. For one thing, this isn’t a restaurant chain, but an independently run establishment. From experience, I find that locally owned and operated restaurants offer some of the best dining experiences in Barrhaven.

The second reason I’m getting a good feeling about the Capital City Smokehouse is because although I only spoke with the owner for a few minutes, it was clear to me that he had a passion for cooking and was eager to offer the community a top notch dining experience.

We’ll have a full review of this new restaurant when it opens in early July.


The Capital City Smokehouse is now open with a limited menu and hours – please visit their website for more details.

The Capital City Smokehouse now has an official website and Facebook Page.

Capital City Smokehouse website

Capital City Smokehouse Facebook Page

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