Let’s all help Brynn Mclennan make it to the Ellen Show

I’ve mentioned before how Barrhaven is home to several hometown heroes. We all remember Hélène Campbell, a Barrhaven teen who raised awareness for organ donation by documenting her own need for a double lung transplant. Today, I want to personally solicit your participation in helping Brynn Mclennan make it to the Ellen Show. Like Hélène, Brynn is looking to raise awareness of the importance of research in the field of stem cell therapy.

In order to get the attention of the Ellen Show producers, Brynn needs to accumulate 10,000 views of a video she uploaded to the shows website. All we ask is that you take a minute to watch her video, and then share this post with your friends. Together, our community can make a big difference for both Brynn and others who can benefit from stem cell research. Thank you.

We are reaching out to you to ask for your gracious help in reaching Ellen DeGeneres!

Golf for BrynnYou may remember awhile back when we introduced you to Ryan McLennan. He wrote a song called “I’m Strong” which was dedicated to his sister, Brynn. We have posted it to Ellentube and we need your help to get as many views as possible – 10,000 to be exact. That is the golden number that’s needed to get Ellen’s attention!!

You can click on this link to view the video on Ellentube where the views are tabulated:


Please join us in this amazing new opportunity to spread Stem Cell awareness. Stem Cells can help so many diseases, injuries and ailments. You never know when someone you love may someday need these miracle cells to improve their life. We as a country need to rally together and show that Stem Cells are the future of medicine!

We would be very grateful if you could not only view the video yourself (from as many IP addresses as possible), but also if you could forward/share the link through email, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you use.

Your continued support of Brynn’s positive attitude and willingness to be the “face of change” for Canada is truly appreciated, and without you these milestones could not be met.

Thank you for being you!

With Gratitude!
Stem Cells for Brynn Committee