MPOW H19 ANC Wireless Headphones review – Better than Sony and Bose?

MPOW H19 Bluetooth Wireless Heaphones Review

REVIEW – MPOW H19 Headphones

Let’s face it – even with the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions, having to spend more time at home isn’t much fun. And if you’re like me, your listening to more music, gaming and, watching many more shows on Netflix and Crave.

And you’re probably spending much less on traditional entertainment.

This is why I decided to treat myself to a quality pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones. I enjoy using headphones to listen to music, as I feel they allow me to hear subtle details that are often lost when listening with traditional speakers. But where they really shine is when I use them to watch movies. I use an Apple TV to stream Netflix, and it offers great support for Bluetooth wireless headphones. Watching a movie with headphones really adds a whole new dimension to the experience. It just makes everything better.

When conducting my research, I was looking at the three industry leaders:

Let’s get one thing clear – these three headphones are the industry leaders in terms of sound quality, comfort, and noise-canceling ability. But quality comes at a price, and these products reflect that as they cost between $260 – $400 dollars per unit.

While performing my research, I came across a new product called the MPOW H19 ANC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. They came with similar features as their more expensive counterparts, but at a fraction of the price – $59.

The MPOW H19 headphones feature:

  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • Built-in Microphone
  • 30 hours listening time without noise-canceling / 20 hours listening time with noise-canceling
  • Memory foam earcups
  • 2.5 charging time via USB-C
  • Optional wired connection support

The first thing that impressed me with the MPOW H19 headphones was the build quality. For $59, my expectations were pretty low – but I must admit, both the quality of the materials and fit and finish were as good as Sony and Bose. The headphones are at once surprisingly light, yet solidly built, the ear cups rotate to ensure a perfect fit, and the use of memory foam makes for a surprisingly comfortable listening experience.

The Bluetooth 5.o support was a nice surprise as it offers the following benefits:

  • Lower power consumption (better battery life)
  • Double the bandwidth of Bluetooth 4.2 (better sound quality)
  • The ability to pair multiple headphones to a single device
  • Better range – up to 35 feet from the source

So far, so good – but how do the comfort, sound quality, and noise-canceling ability compare to more expensive units?

Well, it’s a mixed bag of results – and that should be expected at the $59 price point.

In terms of comfort, I would score them 8 out of 10. They definitely come up short when compared with their more expensive counterparts – but not by much. I personally feel that the Bose headphones are the most comfortable, followed by Sony. But make no mistake, although these come in third place, the soft memory foam on the earcups and along the top of the unit allows for a very pleasant experience, even when in use for multiple hours.

In terms of noise-canceling ability, I would rate them 7.5 out of 10. Definitely not on par with either the premium Bose or Sony products, but very much on par with products in the $150-$300 range. And when you consider that the unit offers 80% of the noise-canceling ability of much more expensive units, these are a bargain at the $59 price point.

But what matters most is sound quality, and that’s where the MPOW H19 headphones truly shine. Now, sound quality is a very subjective thing and we all have differences in our hearing ability, therefore my experience might differ from yours.

In terms of listening to music and movies, the sound quality, in my opinion, is superb. The 40mm drivers deliver full, deep bass, and yet, they don’t drown out the highs, which come across crisp and clear without sounding tingly. In short, a very nice balance of frequency response that delivers the goods both when listening to music or movies. These units punch well above their weight class and would have no problem competing with units in the $150-$250 price range.

Having said that, they do not offer the same level of the sound quality of high-end units.  If you’re looking for the very best in sound quality, I would recommend the $300+ Bose or Sony units. But if you’re comfortable with 75% of that level of sound quality, the MPOW H19 is sure to please.


Wireless headphones come in three varieties. Low-end ($50-$100), Mid-Range ($100-$300), and High-End ($300+).

Although the MPOW H19 Wireless Headphones with Active Noice Cancelling fall in the first category in terms of price, they decidedly perform on par with much more expensive units found in the upper echelons of mid-range products. In fact, in some respects, they are flirting with the features and performance of the high-end range.

Given their $59 price point, they offer amazing value for the money.

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