My Barrhaven wishlist – 5 additions that would make our community shine

Barrhaven keeps growing by leaps and bounds. It’s no longer the small suburb that I moved into 20 years ago. It’s grown into what is by all reasonable measures, a small city. While we’ve seen many new facilities and businesses open shop during the last few years, Barrhaven still has room for a few new additions to complete both it’s cultural and retain landscapes. Here’s what I think would make a great community even better.


Some may argue that we already have enough big box stores, but Barrhaven is now big enough to justify having it’s very own Costco store. We are a community with many young families, and Costco consistently offers great value to consumers. And they would also bring much needed jobs to the younger members of our community.

Prediction: Barrhaven will have an operational Costco store within 2 years.

Costco would be a welcomed addition to the Barrhaven retail landscape

A Hotel with banquet facilities

This one is way overdue. Barrhaven is a community of over 50,000 residents without a single Hotel in sight. Apart from one motel on highway 16, the closest accommodation for visitors is in Bell’s Corners. A hotel with full banquet facilities would probably do quite well in our community. Like Costco, it would also bring additional employment to the area, and may even encourage additional investment in the local food and beverage industries.

Prediction: Barrhaven will have it’s very own hotel within 3 years.


A performance hall

I really like Centerpoint theater. It has decent acoustics, draws an eclectic variety of performers and acts, and the room is just the right size – not too big, not too small. Regardless of what kind of performance you attend, you always have a great sight line. The time has come for Barrhaven to build it’s very own performance hall. We’re an educated demographic that would appreciate more cultural events in our community. Let’s make this one happen.

Prediction: I think it will happen if a corporate sponsor partners with the city.

Barrhaven Concert Hall
A performance hall would be a great way to increase our community’s cultural footprint.


A pedestrian mall

We all know that new commercial and retail projects are planned for the farmland on the west side of Jockvale road near the intersection with Fallowfield road. It would be nice if that development included a pedestrian mall with a small band shell for outdoor performances in the summer months. A classic water fountain would also add some cultural flair to the project. As nice as Barrhaven is, it is lacking in commercial architecture. Let’s hope developers take notice.

Prediction: Probably more of the same bland design, but I remain nevertheless hopeful.


More fine dining choices

When it comes to fine dining, what Barrhaven lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. Restaurants such as Fiamma’s and Pinelope’s have only whetted our appetite for more authentic high end cuisine. Barrhaven residents shouldn’t have to leave the community to enjoy a great dining experience. I’d love to see a new Mexican and Mediterranean restaurant in our community.

Prediction: Barrhaven will continue to attract new restaurateurs seeking to make a name for themselves.


Now it’s your turn.

What do you think would make Barrhaven a better place to live, work and play?

Let us know your ideas in the comments section.

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