Popular Metal Fence Designs in Ottawa

Most homeowners in Ottawa have standard PVC fences don’t know that other fencing options can make their home look much more unique. Let’s look into the top choices for metal fences in Ottawa that are functional and visually appealing.

Classic Wrought Iron Fences

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A Wrought Iron fence is made from iron, which allows it to be strong, flexible, and resistant to rust. They’re known for their durability and elegance.

Wrought Iron Fences are perfect for those who want a classic look that lasts years. Wrought iron fences range from simple designs to elegant patterns, allowing you to make a unique statement.

Wrought iron fences also increase property value due to their timeless appeal and durability.

Modern Aluminum Fences

Ottawa Barrhaven Kanata Modern Aluminum Fences

Aluminum Fences are made from a lightweight metal that is strong and resistant to rust. Aluminum fences are known for their modern look and minimalistic style.

They are ideal for those who prefer a modern design that complements new and contemporary homes.

Aluminum fences are also easy to maintain and do not require rust treatment, making them hassle-free.

Aluminum fences are also more affordable than wrought iron fences, offering durability and style without a high cost.

Decorative Metal Panels

Ottawa Barrhaven Kanata Decorative Metal Panels Fences

Decorative Metal Panels are made from various metals and are known for their customizable designs.

These panels are perfect for those who appreciate privacy and style, transforming ordinary fences into stunning art pieces.

Decorative Metal Panels come in various designs, from abstract patterns to natural scenes, making each installation unique.

Like wrought iron, these panels can be tailored to individual preferences and architectural styles, enhancing the personal touch of a property.

Chain Link Fences

Ottawa Barrhaven Kanata Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences are made from steel wires that form a diamond pattern. They are known for their durability and practicality. These fences are perfect for those seeking security without obstructing visibility.

Chain Link Fences need exceptionally low maintenance. This makes them a very practical choice for many property owners. Their affordability makes them attractive to many homeowners and business owners.


Choosing the right fence means considering what works best for your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for strong wrought iron, easy-to-care-for aluminum, unique metal panels, or a simple and secure chain link, contact ABD Iron World for help on your project.