Qualicare Ottawa Launches Give-Back Program: Barrhaven Homecare Services

There are a variety of reasons Barrhaven residents choose to employ the help of homecare services. It could be to assist with rehabilitation after a surgery or long-term hospital stay. It could be to provide in-home palliative care, Alzheimer’s care, or dementia care. Or, it could simply be to provide respite, companionship, and in-home assistance on everyday tasks for elderly loved ones or those with mobility restrictions.  

With a long list of Barrhaven homecare companies to consider, how do you choose the right provider for your needs? With years of experience providing reputable homecare services to families around the National Capital Region, Qualicare Family Homecare strives to provide the best homecare services in Ottawa so that this decision is easier to make and you obtain the care you need. Qualicare Family Homecare is poised with a compassionate and competent hand to help you and your family through challenging times.Qualicare Family Homecare strives to provide the best homecare services in Ottawa so that this decision is easier to make and you obtain the care you need. Qualicare Family Homecare is poised with a compassionate and competent hand to help you and your family through challenging times.

Qualicare provides compassionate and consistent 24/7 nurse-managed in-home care and relief for you and your family. With expertly trained staff, including RPNs, RNs, and PSWs, Qualicare specializes in a wide variety of family-oriented in-home care options. Qualicare offers Alzheimer’s care, dementia care, in-home care, palliative care, parent care, respite care, live-in care, and hospital support for families in the Ottawa area, including Barrhaven.

Barrhaven Homecare Services
Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (http://www.sciontario.org) organizer Andrea Andrecyk (center) presents Qualicare Ottawa’s second Healthcare Professional Award to Holly McCausland, DSW, (right) in 2016.

Qualicare’s Give-Back Program: Up to 25 Hours Free Homecare Services to Families in Need

Qualicare Family Homecare recently launched its Give-Back Program, which offers up to 25 hours of free homecare PSW services or attendant care services to one in-need candidate per month. These services value at over $750 and offer those in need in the community an opportunity to obtain the care they require but would otherwise not be able to afford.  

“With a rapidly growing aging population, proper care for the elderly is an imminent concern for communities across Canada. Due to various day-to-day restraints, many families are unable to provide proper care for their loved ones,” said Eddie Chu, Owner of Qualicare Family Homecare. “The Give-Back Program was established as a way to provide the necessary care to those truly in-need in our community.”

The submission and recommendation of candidates for Qualicare’s Give-Back Program is open to the public. All information provided through a submission is kept completely confidential, and you can even use a pseudonym in order to protect the identity of the person you are recommending, should you feel appropriate. Candidates are reviewed by a third-party selection panel on a monthly basis. The panel is comprised of prestigious professionals from Ottawa’s health care community, and takes a wide variety of factors into consideration, including: income, available resources, and the severity of health care and assistance needs.  

To recommend an in-need candidate in Barrhaven that could benefit from Qualicare’s Give-Back Program, fill out Qualicare’s submission form or call their office directly
at 613-366-2899. 

Barrhaven Homecare Provider Community Event
The Qualicare family participating in a community-driven event.

Qualicare Family Homecare: Reputable Barrhaven Homecare Providers

At Qualicare Family Homecare, support goes above and beyond basic care. Qualicare not only addresses the needs of the patient, but the family providing support. Qualicare understands the pressures faced by family caregivers and they strive to do everything in their power to help. If the family should so choose, Qualicare also offers to interact with physicians and other healthcare professionals involved with the client’s care to ensure the best care possible.

Qualicare offers free in-home assessments for all prospective clients. They take this time to get to know you, your history, and your needs in order to provide you with a customized plan best suited to you specifically.

“While the free in-home assessments offer an opportunity for us to better understand your needs in order to suggest an effective care plan, these consultations also offer you the opportunity to meet our team and learn more about us,” says Chu.

At Qualicare Family Homecare, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable with your service care provider. Building a relationship of reliability and trust with you and your family is our top priority, so these consultations are just as much about you getting to know us as they are us getting to know more about your needs.”

One of the many things that makes Qualicare stand out from the competition is their dedication to providing consistent caregivers to ensure continuity of care and the highest level of comfort for the client. Qualicare uses a unique four-way criteria to match caregivers to clients. In order to ensure the best matches, Qualicare looks at factors like culture, temperament, skills, and experience to pair you and your loved ones with the best caregiver possible.

For more information on Qualicare Ottawa’s Barrhaven homecare services and the Give-Back Program, visit Qualicare’s website at http://qualicareottawa.com/