SUNSCREENS – Myths and Facts

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Sunscreen TipsNow that spring is officially here, the warm weather will follow soon. How do you decide which sunscreen to use?

We all know that sunscreens can help reduce the risk of burns. The sunlight has three main forms of radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC. Generally UVB causes burns and UVA causes skin aging, but both are implicated with skin cancers. Blistering sunburns should be avoided as they are one of the several risk factors for the development of skin cancer.

When going in a store, you are faced with a row of bottles – big, small, some for the face, some for the body, some spf 15 and some spf90.

This article will try to help demystify sunscreens.

The higher the SPF, the more protection- right? Did you know that SPF 30 gives 97% protection and SPF 50 98%. It is not worth the extra expense for a higher SPF in this case. To make matters more complicated, Consumers Magazines rated sunscreens in the July 2014 issue and found that the SPF number is not always replicated in the testing. They tested 20 sunscreens, only 2 of which actually tested true to their claim of SPF.

Can’t get sunburn on cloudy day. Not true! Ultraviolet radiation goes right through clouds.

Allergy to sunscreen?  You may have a sensitivity to the perfume or chemicals in the product. Try using a chemical free product containing only zinc and/ or titanium.

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