The Barrhaven Real Estate Market, January through November 2016

Today’s blog post features a real estate update for Barrhaven, courtesy of Patrick Walchuk,  real estate salesperson with RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Group Ottawa.

2016 Barrhaven Real Estate Report

We’ve compiled the numbers for sales in Barrhaven for 2016, comparing it to the same time period last year. We look at what happened from January 1st to the middle of November 2016.

This report covers all of the neighborhoods contained within Barrhaven and provides the average price for residential homes, as well as condominiums.

Starting with residential properties (anything other than a condominium):

For residential properties that are townhomes and semi-detached homes in Barrhaven, there has been a decline of 4.5% in the number of sales this year, but the good news is that prices are up 2.3% with the average sales price being $311,000.

For detached homes the number of sales is up 2.4%, prices are up 1.6% with the average detached house selling for $465,000.

In total when we put all of the residential properties together, we’re actually seeing a decline in the number of sales this year of 1.3%.

The average sales price is $383,000 which is an increase of 2.6% over the same time period last year.

Barrhaven condominiums:

For row-home and semi-detached condominiums,  their unit sales are up 2.4% year to date, with an average sales price of $207,000. That’s a decrease of 3% over last year.

We have not had a decline in prices for residential townhomes and semi-detached residences, but we’ve had a decline in condominiums. For condominiums that are apartments and stacked (apartment that is two levels) sales are down almost 12%, the average price is $219,000 which is a decline of 1.3% over last year.

Sellers of residential properties got 97.5% of their listed prices.  Condominium owners got 97% of their list price.

In terms of where the least expensive residential property was found in 2016, a home sold this year in Old Barrhaven in Pheasant Run for $182,500 on Ventnor Way. That was semi-detached 3 bedroom house.

The most expensive residential home that sold this year was on Penderbrook Avenue which is in Barrhaven East on Winding Way. This was a detached 5 bedroom home that sold for $1,139,000.

In terms of condominiums, the least expensive condo was located in Old Barrhaven; Pheasant Run. It was a townhome that sold for $151,500.

The most expensive condominium that sold is the one along Glenroy Gilbert Street. A 2 bedroom penthouse apartment in that condo building sold for $476,000.

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Patrick Walchuk is a Real Estate Salesperson with RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Group Ottawa. He can be reached at 613-788-2590.

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