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For roofing, homeowners used to mainly just have the option of asphalt/ fiberglass shingles or barn style metal roofing. Asphalt or fiberglass shingles no longer have asbestos, so (regardless of the warranty) they now only last around a decade. Barn style metal roofing requires maintenance and replacement as well and is noisy when it rains.

We are thrilled to give you an alternative that checks off all the boxes. Every aspect of ClickLock Roofing’s interlocked galvanized steel roof is specially designed to be as healthy for your attic as possible, last a lifetime, and look fabulous while doing so.

Barrhaven Metal Roofing

Even after just replacing asphalt a second time, the cost will be about the same as going with ClickLock right away. Except that with ClickLock Roofing, you are done the first time. No more maintenance or replacement costs. For the rest of your life. Guaranteed. Yes, we give a lifetime, non-prorated Canadian warranty. The roof is by far the lowest cost roofing system even after just 10 years.

Our roofing system is designed meticulously to be as healthy as possible for your attic. The special Canadian made underlay is strong, breathable, keeps moisture out, while allowing inside moisture to escape. All these aspects are critically important. We will also check your output ventilation system, to see if we can improve on it.

Other systems just drill screws through the metal (creating thousands of holes), forcing the metal to stay in place. It obviously does not do so, as it adjusts to temperature changes. ClickLock Roofing works with mother nature by using hurricane clips and interlocking panels that allow the roof to expand and contract without damaging the panels – and without making any holes in them.

Every aspect of the roof has a different galvanized steel part specifically designed to keep the roof watertight. Instead of just slapping shingles wherever there is roof, we create an interlocking system that seals it eaves to eaves, gable to gable.

For decades, Kynar 500 has been proven the best coating system when it comes to fading, cracking, or peeling. What other system would you choose, for a permanent roof?

Our roof is Energy Star approved, and reduces summer attic heat gain up to 35%. The reflecting heat also helps melt the snow and ice during the winter.

ClickLock roofs are tested to withstand wind gusts of up to 204 mph. It has the highest hail resistance rating available. It also has the highest quality rust and corrosion resistance.

Our roof also features quiet roof technology, is eco-friendly, and maintenance free.

In addition to strength and endurance, our roofs are also quite beautiful. Rather than featuring just slabs of metal, or an industrial or barn appearance, our roofs have an organic look, with gorgeous earth tone colours.

As mentioned, it checks off all the boxes.

I live in Barrhaven, therefore available to give you a free quote at your convenience.

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