When Should You Hire a Plumber vs. DIY in Barrhaven?

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When Should You Hire a Plumber vs. DIY in Barrhaven?

If you’re a homeowner, you undoubtedly have a list of repairs, renovations, and projects you have for your house, and plumbing is no exception. Not everyone is an eager DIY-er when it comes to fixing a sink or toilet, but the truth is that there are plenty of small projects that are easy enough to do yourself. Not only will you likely save time and money, but you’ll have the pride and satisfaction of expanding your capabilities and skills.

Of course, there are other times when it’s best to contact a professional. Whether you can’t find the answers you need on the internet or you just don’t have the time or equipment to deal with it yourself, hiring a professional plumber is often the best solution for those jobs that turn out bigger than you initially thought.

If you’re on the fence about when you should hire a plumber vs. DIY, read on!

When Should You DIY Plumbing?

If you’re a new homeowner or otherwise have little to no experience in DIY plumbing, any project might seem intimidating. But getting your feet wet (hopefully not literally!) with a DIY plumbing project is a great, cost-effective way to round out your skillset. There are plenty of minor repairs suitable for DIY plumbers, such as:

Clogged or Slow Running Drain

Whether it’s in the shower or your kitchen sink, drains can collect debris over time and start to run slow. Luckily, a lot of times a clogged sink is an easy fix. There are plenty of ways to clear out debris, from baking soda, plungers, or a drain snake. You can also help clear out blockages with BioOne, a safe, biodegradable drain cleaner

Leaky Faucet

Another common plumbing problem is leaky faucets. If you’d rather not install a new one, you can turn off the water valve, dismantle the faucet, and replace the washers and O-rings to stop any leaks. If the faucet does need to be replaced, try to find a model that has similar connection points that line up with the existing holes in your counter or sink.

Added Plumbing Issues

DIY plumbing jobs might reveal extra work you didn’t realize needed to be done. If you’ve tried to repair some leaking pipes and discovered the full extent of the problem will require external plumbing repairs, it’s time to hire a professional plumber. 

Poor Assessment of the Plumbing Issue

Without training, it can be difficult to diagnose the full extent of your plumbing issue. If you see puddles of water on the bathroom floor, you may think it’s a simple DIY fix. But often, the presence of a small problem is a symptom of a larger one. Suddenly the problem is far more complicated than you originally thought, and you might need to start moving pipes or replacing your water heater.

You May Need a Permit in Barrhaven

Certain plumbing projects require a license to complete them. In Ontario, you need a permit for any alterations, extensions, or additions. If a plumbing problem requires you to cut through walls to access your plumbing system or water supply, you’d have to ensure the work is done in accordance with the Building Codes, and it will have to pass inspection. Hiring a professional Barrhaven plumber who knows all the rules and regulations will save you a big headache.

You’re Voiding Insurance & Warranties

Insurance companies aren’t big fans of DIY plumbing work. If you try replacing your shower head but end up flooding your bathroom, your insurer might not be willing to accept a claim. Everyone has a limit to their amateur skill level, and it’s up to you to know when a project is better in the hands of the professionals.

Licensed Plumbers Protect Your Plumbing

A professional plumber understands the big picture when it comes to your home’s plumbing system. They’ve undoubtedly done a similar repair or installation many times before and will protect your home for the long term by using quality materials and expert techniques. 

Plumbers Have Vast Experience

In addition to their proper training, plumbers have plenty of experience backing their work. From broken pipes to a clogged drain, our plumbers have seen the full range of plumbing problems. Over the years, they’ve completed all sorts of plumbing projects and have learned how to spot potential problems before they even start. That kind of know how and experience is worth a lot.

Plumbers’ Access to Tools & Parts

Doing your own plumbing repairs might seem like a way to save money, but there are costs beyond paying for a professional plumber’s labour. A licensed plumber has a wide range of tools and parts that the average homeowner won’t have lying around in the garage. If you need a new faucet, for example, a professional plumber might have access to better quality products made from quality materials, meaning that they are more durable and will last longer than products you’d find on the shelf of your local hardware store.

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When You Need A Professional Plumber

When it comes to deciding whether to hire a plumber vs DIY, it’s best to know your own limits and not try to tackle too much. DIY repairs that won’t affect your entire home’s plumbing are generally safe to try on your own. But if you can’t find a video, don’t have the proper equipment, or are simply out of your depth, it’s best to avoid property damage by hiring a professional.

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