A Free Workout & Giveaway Every Day in May for Barrhaven Moms

Barrhaven Mom Break Blog

Local Barrhaven moms, Erica Fraser and Jenna Ladd, have teamed up to launch Mom Break 30, an online event designed specifically for moms. Mom Break 30, hosted by Mom Break and Iron North Studio, is an online event, which offers moms a free, no-commitment video workouts and giveaway every single day in May.

The catch? Nothing, the ladies are just excited to provide moms with the resources to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Mom Break is an online community for moms, offering resources and tips to help mothers navigate the difficult parenting waters. “I started Mom Break as a way to help other mothers,” says Mom Break owner, Erica Fraser, “And this is exactly how I thought of Mom Break 30. I realized that as a mother, there are certain limitations to working out (time, energy, screaming children), so I wanted to find a solution to that problem and realized that I could leverage Mom Break to do that”.

Erica reached out her old Barrhaven friend, Jenna Ladd, the co-owner of Iron North Studio, a boutique fitness studio in Hintonburg. “I was excited to work on this project because I’ve always been passionate about pre and post-partum health and fitness. So many people treat post-partum women like they’re delicate flowers, so I wanted to create challenging and accessible workouts for all skill levels,” says Jenna. 

What can you expect of the workouts? Jenna, a certified personal trainer, has designed each of the 30 workouts as follows:

  • Approx. 10 minutes each
  • No equipment required (they use a rolling pin in one workout)
  • Variety of modifications for all skill levels & specific issues for mothers
  • 1-2 minutes explaining how to properly do the exercises
  • Real-time, guided workout after the explanation

Not only has Erica partnered with Iron North Studio, but to sweeten the pot, she’s also partnered with 31 different companies to offer prizes to moms. “I just thought to myself, ‘As a mom, what would I want? I always love free stuff!’. So I decided to partner with 31 amazing companies who I love!”, says Erica. 

The schedule of prizes is quite impressive and includes the following: 

Interested in learning more about Mom Break 30? Check out Mom Break’s website and you can also sign-up for daily & weekly email notifications.