A great mobile phone repair service for Barrhaven residents


Barrhaven now has its very own cell phone repair service – and they repair tablets too!

You can read all about them here:

FINALLY, a Barrhaven Cellphone and Tablet Repair Store!

Sooner or later, it happens to all of us. Despite claims to the contrary, the glass that protects our mobile devices is somewhat brittle and does shatter rather easily. I recently dropped my iPhone 4S from about 2 feet off the ground and was surprised at how much damage it sustained. I immediately searched on Google for “Barrhaven mobile phone repair service” and found one provider that was fairly close by. The listing also included several positive reviews, so I decided to see if they could salvage my phone.

The service provider is called Cellular Pro and is located just across the corn fields at 250 Greenbank Road (in the strip mall across from the police station). I walked into the shop with my damaged phone looking for an estimate, not knowing if it was worth salvaging. The service technician immediately dropped what he was doing and came to ask me how he could help. I explained that I had dropped and shattered my phone and inquired about  how much it would cost to repair. He told me the cost of the repair would be $30 and that it would take about 1 minute to fix. Color me impressed! While I didn’t run a stopwatch to verify his claim, my phone was indeed returned to me in about one minute in mint condition.

Barrhaven Cell Phone Repair Service
When it comes to cell phone repairs, Cellular Pro offers great service at very reasonable prices – and they are very close to Barrhaven.

With over 100,000 residents, Barrhaven is home to thousands of cell phones and mobile devices, many of which will sooner or later require repairs. When it comes to quality cell phone repair services at a fair price, I can strongly recommend Cellular Pro. A great service provider that’s just a few minutes away from Barrhaven.

You can visit their website at CellularPro.ca

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