FINALLY, a Barrhaven Cellphone and Tablet Repair Store!

We all love our mobile phones and tablets. They’ve pretty much become part of our everyday lives. And they also happen to be very fragile and prone to cracked displays! Fortunately, Barrhaven now has its very own specialty shop for both cell phone and tablet repairs. Today’s guest post comes in the form of a customer testimonial from Barrhaven Totally Techy, a great new addition to the Barrhaven business community.

Barrhaven Cell Phone and Tablet RepairQuick and affordable cell phone and tablet repairs in the heart of Barrhaven.

It is so convenient to finally have a cellphone/tablet repair store in Barrhaven! They’re located in the Barrhaven marketplace across from the Loblaw’s right in-between Pizza Pizza and the Booster Juice. I just want to clarify that I am more than happy to write this blog for Totally Techy after everything they have done for me… I had a great experience!

My 2-year-old son decided it was a good idea to use my iPad as a chewing toy and ended up cracking the screen. I walked into the store and was surprised by the amount of work that was put into the place. Very colorful décor, upbeat music and lots of products pertaining to technology. They had a variety of cool gadgets that would make great gifts such as phones, speakers and some sophisticated looking gadgets that I have never seen before. Apparently, they fix and sell everything related to phones and tablets.

They bought my iPhone 5 which I had laying around the house and deducted the price from my iPad repair. Furthermore, the iPad was fixed within two hours and came with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Their warranty was one of the many things to grasp my attention, I am a huge business critic, but this store knows what customer service is. Technology has a tendency of malfunctioning all the time, it is nice to have a store in Ottawa that protects me for a lifetime.

Nothing is worse than paying for the same repair twice. In fact, that happened to me two years ago with my iPhone 5; my screen was perfectly intact but there would be no touch at times, or I would have difficulty swiping the unlock button due to a touch sensitivity malfunction. I went to Apple at the time, but they said it was a common defect and there was nothing they can do for me since my one year warranty had ended, and that it would cost $450 to replace the phone. It was irritating how I had to pay $450 for a new phone due to a manufacturer defect. Nevertheless, I learnt my lesson and I’m just glad to know that there is a store that offers a lifetime warranty. Welcome to Barrhaven Totally Techy!

Barrhaven Cell Phone and Tablet Repair
Affordable Cell Phone and Tablet Repair in Barrhaven.

Totally Techy is located at 50 Marketplace Ave. in Barrhaven.

They can be reached at 613-825-5777