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John The Plumber’s services include, but are not limited to:

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John The Plumber’s Plumbing Advice

  1. A plumbing system built properly shouldn’t give you much grief. A lot of trouble is caused by bad choices or poor maintenance. We understand. We weren’t all taught
    how to properly treat our plumbing systems. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the best tips that a trusted Barrhaven plumber has to offer.
  2. Learn where the shutoff valves are located and teach the family. It’s important that other household members also know how to stop an emergency from becoming a catastrophe when you’re not around. Acting fast is usually the key to saving money.
  3. Scrape your plates before washing dishes. Be careful about what goes down your sink drains. Coffee grinds and peels go in the garbage. A professional drain cleaning isn’t cheap.
  4. Don’t rinse fats and oils down the drain. Grease clogs are a nightmare to clean.
  5. Don’t treat your toilet like a garbage disposal. Flushable wipes, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, wrappers, and trash aren’t meant to be flushed.
  6. Use shower and sink strainers. For the amount of trouble they save, they’re considerably inexpensive.
  7. Flush your hot water tank once a year. It’ll add some life to your water heater.
  8. Inspect your plumbing system. Leaks go unnoticed in basements and cabinets all the time. Run faucets and flush toilets when inspecting.
  9. Buy your water heater if you can afford it. Renting it is ludicrously profitable for rental companies. Monthly rental payments will usually cover the water heater cost in the first few
  10. Keep a good plunger on hand. A rubber plunger with a big mouth is just the ticket. Fancy plungers are often gimmicks. A plunger doesn’t need to be fancy, and fancier usually isn’t
  11. Remember that plungers work on your sink drains too. So do Shop Vacs, wire hangers, and many other items you have in your home.
  12. If you decide to auger your toilet yourself, watch some videos first. Most people scratch the porcelain in the toilets the first few times they try snaking a drain themselves. It’s an easily
    avoidable mistake.
  13. If you decide to change your faucet yourself, ask your friends if anyone has a Basin wrench. A basin wrench will make the job significantly easier and less frustrating.
  14. Don’t over tighten. Over tightening is a common mistake that will increase the costs associated with the work.
  15. Listen to your plumbing system. Unusual noises usually mean something.
  16. Test your sump pump from time to time. They don’t last forever, and people usually find out their sump pump needs work when they need it.
  17. Look around at new developments in plumbing. There’s some cool stuff out that most people aren’t familiar with. Personally, I’m really into Tap-Activated faucets. You can trigger the water
    flow with your elbow or anywhere else. It’s a great idea for when your hands are covered in raw chicken germs.
  18. Hire a plumber with a reputation. Just because someone has the license doesn’t mean that they’re good at what they do. There’s a lot of people who you really shouldn’t allow in your
    home and working on your plumbing.
  19. Plan ahead with plumbing work. There are a lot of costs involved in running a business that can service you in the next day or two. Good plumbers with low rates are few and far between, and
    they’re often booked for weeks at a time. Don’t get mad at an emergency plumber for charging what he charges. He’s allowed to charge whatever he wants to charge, and if you waited until
    the last minute, then it’s your fault.
  20. Be appreciative to your plumber. Tell him that you’ll leave him a 5-star review on Google, Yelp, the BBB, or something else. And do it! Your plumber might find a discount that he can apply to
    the work.
  21. Ask your plumber if they have a loyalty plan. John The Plumber has the Peace of Mind Plumbing Program. If members use the benefits in these programs, they can save up to 50% on plumbing

It’s easy to forget how important your plumbing system is. We’ve all grown up with plumbing systems, and it’s become an expectation and not something to be cherished.

We often forget the liabilities associated with improper plumbing maintenance and repair. We lose sight of the fact that poor plumbing or bad work can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in water damage and flood repair.

Being mindful of your plumbing system can mean the difference between things running smoothly and needing an emergency plumber.

If you follow most of the steps in this list, you probably won’t have many plumbing emergencies in your life. A little maintenance and prevention will save you a lot of money.

And, remember that John The Plumber is here when you need him. His dedication to reliability and efficiency truly sets him apart from the competitors. Call John The Plumber when you want a job done fast and a job done right.

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