A very special event for Barrhaven moms – The 2017 Mom Conference

The Mom Conference - 2017 Edition

Kudos to me for surviving another “Mom!… Mommy!.. Ma!..Mama!”, or my old time favorite “Maaather!!” [insert teeny weeny whinny voices & snotty noses here] kind of day, and we haven’t even gotten to homework yet.

As a “mother” I have survived the unknown, put up with small audiences while using the Loo, lived through countless (please give me strength) overly dramatic temper tantrums, smiled through the judgmental stares from strangers, and endless droning, “Mommy I have a sore tummy”, “Ma she touched my doll”, “Mama my finger hurts”… moments.

Truth be told, being a mom has often left me full of worries, insecurities, and my own snotty noses and ugly cries. On a daily basis I obsess over my bank account, worry about the future, and how we’re going to survive getting through it all. I think as a mom it’s very easy to somehow lose yourself, the woman behind the ‘Maaaaather!’ along the way, and drown in all the stresses and little details.

Which is why The Mom Conference was created. What I look forward to the most at The Mom Conference is to make connections with other REAL moms that “get me”.

I will invest in myself with a well-deserved mommy day. guilt free. I will chat up some experts and take in all of their knowledge. I will revitalize my mommy brain, and just be me; a mom, and a woman. I won’t worry about wiping anyone’s nose, or stepping on a piece of Lego, or getting lunch ready, or referee who actually had it first.

I’m going to drink my coffee hot, make some new friends, win some prizes, all while getting all the information I need to be more informed, making me less stressed.

And who knows, maybe I’ll find my mojo along the way ????.

If you’re reading this and nodding in agreement, or maybe you haven’t gotten this far in the blog post because you’ve been interrupted ten times, but if you have, then come join a bunch of other Moms who are living it up, just like you are.

The Mom Conference is an event designed to be continuing education for Moms covering real aspects of life like finance, careers, health and development, and politics.

The ticket price of $75 when you come with a friend or $89 when you come on your own, includes attendance to your choice of topics, lunch, refreshments, take home swag bags, and door prizes. Moms get to spend a few hours’ kid-free learning valuable information to help them live their lives more informed and less stressed.

2016 Conference attendees had the following things to say:

“As a mom of 4 with kiddies ranging from 3-14, I kind of thought I knew quite a bit – but I was WRONG! I learned so much about parenting, and was so happy to know I was not alone in the world of chaos. I needed to hear a few things and implement those things into my life at home. There is always room for growth as a mom, and Saturday was exactly what I needed!! It was such a great time” – Erika

“This conference was awesome! Good range of speakers and interesting topics. I would highly recommend this for next year!”– Janet

“I learned an incredible amount and had the chance to network with some wonderful ladies. I can’t wait for the next conference, I’m so in!!!” – Shauna

“Hearing all these speakers, especially the one who talked about their own trials and how they are actively getting through them, has just made me feel so empowered.”– Anonymous

The speakers at the 2017 conference include:

  • Dr, Robyn Marquis, Clinical Psychologist, “I need you, want you, miss you: How to nurture your relationship when raising young children”
  • Kelly Chochrane, Acting Superintendent with Ottawa Paramedic Service,What happens when you call 911: What paramedics wants Moms to know”
  • Dr.Cheryl Allen, Lavallee Health Centre, “Fueling your family: how to nourish your kids in a practical, don’t pull your hair out approach.”
  • Dr.Stephanie Deschene, The Wellness Group and Erin Junker, Infant and toddler Sleep Consultant will be co-presenting on, ‘Sleep and Wellness for Mom and Baby’
  • The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Member of Parliament, “Moms and politics: how Moms can overcome the burdens to getting involved.”
  • JoAnne Cooney, Mortgage Agent, “You could have been rich by now: Mistakes Moms are making with their credit and how to fix it.”
  • Amanda Telford, Social Worker, “A Mother’s guide to anxiety in children: How to prevent it, how to recognize it and how to help.”
  • The Career Panel: Work Smarter, not harder: How to set-up your home-based business for success!
  • Karen Fischer, Chartered Professional Accountant: “Tax tips for the home-based business”
  • Hunter Graves, Lawyer: “Sole Proprietor versus Incorporating your business? The pros and cons from a legal standpoint.”
  • Deborah Whiting, Marketing Consultant: “What flavour is that $18 cupcake? Get the most for your marketing dollars.”

Tickets and more information can be purchased online at www.themomconference.ca

Make sure to follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheMomConferenceCanada/ and on Twitter at @The_Mom_Conf

See you there!

The Mom Conference - 2017 Edition