Barrhaven dancers wanted for local music video shoot

Barrhaven Dancers Wanted

Barrhaven Dancers Wanted for Local Video Shoot

Latin rock band The Nostromos are set to record the video for their first single “Dinero” right here in Barrhaven!

Extras are needed for the video shoot taking place at Greenfield’s Pub and Eatery on Wednesday, July 19 between 2pm-5pm. 

The only pre-requisite is that you show up ready to dance and have fun! The music style is Latin Rock (sample below) and the dress code is wild, bright colors – Latin style!


This event is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon at Barrhaven’s favourite Pub – so grab a friend, put on your dancing shoes, and head on down to Greenfields to show off your dance moves!

Pay: What they offer those souls brave enough to be involved is far more valuable than money – everlasting Youtube glory and a rock band’s undying gratitude.


The Nostromos

Anders Drerup (Lead guitar and Vox)

Dan Joseph (Bass and Vox)

Izzy Martinez (Guitar and Vox)

Ross Murray (Drums and Vox)

Jeff Rogers (Keyboards, Alto Sax and Vox)

Ed Lister (Trumpet)

Brian Asselin (Tenor Sax)

Rob Melicevic (Percussion and Vox)

In the early spring of 2017, a handful of Ottawa-based musicians went on a fishing trip. Over an ice-fishing hole and a mutual love of Tito Puente records, an idea for a band was born. The Nostromos are a Canadian rock band – obsessed with Latin music. Elements and players from all walks of Ottawa’s diverse musical community are central to the group’s MO. Martinez (guitar) hails from The Yucatan while Melicevic (percussion) comes from deepest Slovenia. Franco, Anglo, Hispanic or Australian, The Nostromos seek flavors from beyond the immediate palette.  

Drerup (Singer) comes from a fairly atypical musical background. From recording and touring internationally with Cuban guitar virtuoso Elmer Ferrer to channeling tragic country-rock hero in the acclaimed stage adaptation, “Grievous Angel, The Legend of Gram Parsons”, this latest venture is a perfectly natural evolution. While Drerup does the majority of the lyric writing for The Nostromos, some of Ottawa’s finest arrangers and instrumentalists bring a wealth of experience and education in Latin rhythms to the table making for a curiously experimental, yet immediately familiar and danceable vibe.

The Nostromos are set to release their single “Dinero” in August along with a highly anticipated video and web campaign to support this year’s upcoming album drop and Fall tour of Mexico. Preparations are underway for the tour currently nicknamed “El Gran Fondo” (The Big Bottom Tour) and will start in Guadalajara in November.

The Nostromos don’t follow very many guidelines, only that the music remains the central focus and the “fun factor” is encouraged to dominate, which it generally does.