Barrhaven Half-Moon Bay Tree Planting Event

Barrhaven Tree PlantingWarmer weather has finally arrived and very soon local vegetation will awaken from its long winter slumber to color our landscape in beautiful spring colors. I blogged yesterday of how I love crossing paths with dogs when out for a walk or run, but I also have a real appreciation for trees. Imagine how barren Barrhaven would be without them. Apart from being great for the environment, they also contribute to a sense of vibrancy and life in our community.

In an effort to help make Barrhaven a better community to live in, community members of Half-Moon Bay have organized a tree planting event along the Jock River. The event will take place Saturday May 14th at 9am. Small trees will be provided courtesy of the City of Ottawa and participants are encouraged to wear gloves and long sleeved shirts and pants. Children are encouraged to bring a parent or grand-parent to make the event a memorable family outing. It’s also a great opportunity to leave your mark on a great community!

So mark your calendars, and we hope to see you by the river on May 14th near the intersection of Greenbank Rd and Half-Moon Bay Drive.

Barrhaven Tree Planting Event