Montana’s Cookhouse and East Side Mario’s are coming to Barrhaven

Here we grow again!

Barrhaven residents will soon have a few more restaurants to choose from. According to the Barrhaven BIA, East Side Mario’sBurrito Gringо Mexican Grill and Montana’s Cookhouse & Saloon will soon be coming to Trinity Common at Citigate – or as we all know it, the Costco site.

Interesting to see Montana’s opening a location right next to Lone Star Texas Grill. It’s a great time to be a carnivore in Barrhaven! Also happy to see East Side Mario’s making an appearance in the community – a great destination to consider when you need a nice Italian dinner fix.

Barrhaven Gringo Mexican Grill

But the restaurant I’m most excited about is Burrito Gringo Mexican Grill. Their dishes are made with fresh ingredients; never processed and without additives or preservatives. Every morning they dice cilantro, chop up tomatoes, juice limes and scoop-out avocados. Can you imagine how good their salsa must taste! Home-cooked Mexican cuisine prepared from scratch, right here in Barrhaven. Bring it on!

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