Barrhaven Home Appraisals

Barrhaven home appraisals barrhaven realtor shaunna mcintosh

Barrhaven Home Appraisals

Your home may be one of the largest assets you have. Especially, if you live in “the haven”. From 2020 to 2021, detached homes in Barrhaven sold for 7.5% over the asking price. While, during the same period, townhouses for sale in Barrhaven sold for 9.5% over the asking price. While 2020 to 2021 was a very unique year, it’s no surprise that Barrhaven residents are wondering what their house is worth and asking themselves if it’s worth listing their Barrhaven house for sale. However, you may want to leverage some of your equity and so you want to know how much your home is worth. As a Barrhaven home owner, you have several options available to you. By working with a local Barrhaven Realtor, you can easily find out what these options are, and make a calculated decision about your family’s future.

Make real estate decisions with confidence

Without real data, too much speculation can hinder your decision-making abilities. While you’re thinking that putting your Barrhaven house for sale might be a good idea, you won’t know for sure until you get a professional Barrhaven home appraisal conducted. As, instead of selling, you may want to leverage some of your equity and so you want to know how much your home is worth.  We want homeowners to have a clear understanding for what their homes are really worth so they can make decisions with confidence. That is why we recommend contacting a local realtor to help you navigate the Barrhaven Real Estate Market.

We value your home accurately, quickly and professionally

Are you wondering how much your home is worth? Well, you are in good hands with Barrhaven Realtor, Shaunna McIntosh.

Trusting, honest and reliable” are a few words that my clients use to describe her Barrhaven real estate services. You’ll learn all about the local market when I show you all the latest numbers! You can gain an understanding of what comparable homes in your neighbourhood sell for.


Consider this guide essential to understanding the Barrhaven home appraisal process.

1. Step One – Schedule a home visit to assess the houses current market value

Book an appointment for a local appraiser to come over and see your house. The appraiser will consider any renovations, upgrades or other factors to determine the market value of your Barrhaven home. An appraiser usually has a flexible schedule and will offer a no-obligation appraisal within 24-48 hours of initially making contact. Are you wondering if a virtual home appraisal in possible? Be sure to reach out directly to Shaunna, a local Barrhaven realtor about your virtual appraisal request. 

2. Step Two – Equity Evaluation

The appraiser will determine how much equity you have in your home by comparing the purchase price to what it’s worth now. Learning how much equity you have in your home is important because it can help with making financial decisions. Learning about this earlier on, can help with retirement financial planning and other life milestones. It’s also beneficial if you want to sell, or buy another piece of real estate. Either way, with a professional home appraisal, you can make an informed decision about refinancing if you choose to do so. Having a licensed realtor who provides unbiased opinions can really help influence your next steps.

3. Step Three – Local Analytics

These days, it’s more important than ever to know the current values of your surrounding community. With all home appraisals, of course up-to date statistics on everything from sold prices of nearby Barrhaven homes for sale, local market activity, and walking scores will be taken into consider to influence your home appraisal. We help you make an informed decision when purchasing property or refinancing with mortgage lenders! Let the data drive your Barrhaven real estate pursuits.

Rest assured that local real estate agents have access to all the required analytics. You’ll learn all about the local market when I show you latest numbers for all 11 Barrhaven neighbourhoods! You can gain an understanding of what comparable homes in your neighbourhood sell for, and if you do want to list your house for sale, you’ll have an idea of what it can sell for.

4. Step Four – Barrhaven Real Estate Worth

The final step is for them to come up with an estimate of what your home would be worth if it were on the open market today. This includes identifying current trends and forecasted values. We’ll provide you with a realistic price range, and peace of mind.

Important factors to tell your Home Appraiser

Often, home owners aren’t sure about what they should disclose to their home appraiser. Of course, everyone wants a high appraisal, but honesty is truly the best policy here. Let’s explore in depth what homeowners should discuss with your home appraiser:

  • Repairs, updates and upgrades: In the last 15 years, what repairs have you done to your home?
  • What price would you give your home and why? Some appraisers will be accepting of your reasoning and will appreciate any background information that the Realtor may not know
  • Communication is key – any other relevant information that you think the appraiser should know, it’s best to disclose. Remember, at the end, the appraiser works for you. You want a realistic figure, not one based on made-up.

Generally, home appraisers are great communicators and love building relationships. Don’t be shy in asking questions or addressing concerns with your home appraiser. Especially if you decide to work with Shaunna McIntosh. She is patient, kind and understanding. In her years as a realtor, there is no such thing as a “dumb question”. Instead, she’d rather her clients ask questions so they are 100% aware of the appraisal process.

Local Barrhaven Realtor

Get a quick and realistic appraisal for your Barrhaven real estate. As a realtor who has both lived and worked in Barrhaven, I will work for you. Here is what you can expect from me: 

  • You can trust me to be honest and reliable
  • I’m here to take care of you with integrity
  • Rely on my local Barrhaven experience for all your real estate needs
  • Let me make your life easier

What do my clients have to say about my Barrhaven Real Estate services?

Shaunna literally held our hands through the whole process. I have heard many people say buying a house is stressful and a big pain especially in these crazy times but Shaunna made it so, so easy”. 

Working with Shaunna was an absolute pleasure. It was a very difficult time to find a home and with Shaunna’s expertise, we were able to buy our dream home. She was extremely professional, patient and thorough throughout our home search.  Shaunna took the time to learn the needs of our family and went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service”

Excellent, professional, classy service. Always there on time. Doesn’t’ rush. Pays attention to details. Cares about her clients. Highly recommended”

Peace of Mind Barrhaven Home Appraisals

Home appraisals are an essential part of the home buying process. You deserve peace-of mind when it comes to your investment, which is why we offer free personal estimations without obligation or pressure! To get started just contact your local Barrhaven Realtor, Shaunna either by email at or by phone/text at 613-875-2225. Shaunna’s professional and friendly attitude will compliment your buying, selling or refinancing real estate journey.