Barrhaven and Area Safety Instructional Courses launches new program for 7 to 10 year-olds

I am the Owner of a local Barrhaven business called the Barrhaven and Area Safety Instructional Courses (BASICS).

I currently teach the Home Alone Course for children 10 & over and the Babysitting Course for youth 12 & over. These courses are produced by the Canada Safety Council.

Barrhaven Safety Training for children and students

I just started a new partnership with the SOS 4 Kids Organization to teach the “My Safe Life” Course to children 7-10 years of age.

This course focuses on the following topics:

  • what to do in an emergency
  • fire safety
  • injury prevention & first aid
  • travel & helmet safety
  • online safety
  • people safety and bullying and peers

This program was created to help children feel safe in all areas of their lives: home, school, online and during activities. The program uses games, digital media, videos, and role plays to help children develop skills that empower them to make confident choices and live a safer life.

Barrhaven Personal Safety Training for Children and Students

All of my courses are taught at the Prince of Wales Manor at 22 Barnstone Drive in Barrhaven.  These are full-day courses but I can also teach them over a 3-day period for approximately 2 hours per day.  I can teach at your school, community centre or religious centre.

All courses are $70 for each participant.

You can get more information on my website at or on my facebook page at

I look forward to teaching your children the BASICS in how to take care of themselves and others.



Barrhaven Karen Fromm