Barrhaven Wildlife Emergency Contact Numbers

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of local resident Tammy Raybould. Tammy is an accomplished musician and photographer, but also has a special place in her heart for wildlife. Today she shares information that will come in particularly handy as critters big and small emerge from their winter slumber!

Barrhaven Wildlife


I just want to give everyone the contacts for wildlife emergencies, since baby wildlife season is now upon us (I’m containing my excitement so hard right now!).

If you find a bird that needs help, please contact or take him/her to the Wild Bird Care Centre on Moodie Drive across from Jack Pine Trail. Their phone number is 613-828-2849.

For mammals and bats, please contact the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary at 613-258-9840. If you question as to whether an animal is in need of rescuing, please take the time to read some information on the website. There’s lots of great information there!

And of course, if you have any questions or concerns about an animal at all, please feel free to contact me. I get messages directly to my phone, so I’m usually pretty good to respond quickly, especially when an animal’s life is in danger. By the way, bunny/hare inquiries can come to me directly and if needed, I can contact the sanctuary. No life is too small to help!

Thank you for your kindness!

Tammy can be reached at 613-296-6257 and tammyraybould@