Barrhaven – Would photo radar make Ottawa streets safer?

Barrhaven Photo RadarA few municipal politicians have begun to muse about the possibility of asking the province of Ontario for legislative changes that would allow the re-introduction of photo radar on city streets. A recent headline read that a petition requesting the return of photo radar “was picking up speed” – it had a total of 125 signatures. In a city closing in on a population of a million residents, that  translates into very little support. Yet reading the media spin surrounding this issue, you’d think that public support was overwhelming.

Personally, I have mixed emotions on the issue. On the one hand, I’m against photo radar because I truly believe that it opens the door to abuse by municipal politicians seeking a quick cash grab. On the other hand, I live on Weybridge drive and often see vehicles traveling far in excess of the posted speed limit. I’m sure this is also the case in other areas of Barrhaven.

So is there a middle ground? I think there is.

I would support municipal photo radar if, in legislation, it was specified that it must be set a least 20km per hour over the posted speed limit on roads where the speed limit is up to 60km per hour. On roads where the speed limit is over 60km per hour, the threshold would increase to 30km per hour over the speed limit. This solution would ensure that only the most serious offenders are fined, while protecting taxpayers from overzealous use of the technology as a revenue tool.

So today, I want to hear from you, the Barrhaven community. What’s your take on photo radar? Do you think it would make our neighborhoods safer? Or do you think the temptation to monetize the technology will lead to the fining of innocent residents who drifted over the speed limit. Or maybe, would the technology be welcomed if stringent safeguards and thresholds were  in place.

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Should photo radar be approved at the municipal level?

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