Nepean Synchro brings its “Try Syncho” program to Barrhaven


A gymnast performing underwater;

A 400 meter freestyle event in swimming with little opportunity to breathe;

The figures, leaps and spins of a figure skater performed in an unstable medium;

The water polo player’s ability to emerge above the surface of the water with power and strength with an added touch of elegance;

Add grace and fluidity and multiply by two, six or eight individuals synchronizing each part of every movement and…

That is Synchronized Swimming!

(unknown author)

Barrhaven Synchronized Swimming

 Many naysayers discount synchronized swimming as easy, maybe because it seems effortless to those watching. But don’t be fooled by what you see. Studies have shown that synchronized swimmers are second only to long-distance runners in aerobic abilities and second only to gymnasts in flexibility. It is a sport that promotes strength, endurance, team-building, mental capacity (memorizing routines and counting through them), to name just a few benefits.

And for those in Barrhaven, Nepean Synchro, currently ranked #2 in Ontario, is an accessible synchronized swimming club, with recreational-level practices operating out of Walter Baker and Britannia pools.

This summer, young girls (minimum seven years old by August 2015 and minimum Red Cross swim level 5) can get a taste of what synchro offers by attending Nepean Synchro’s “Try Synchro” program.  All sessions are held in the Walter Baker dive tank (deep water only), although the regular recreational program offers sessions in a shallow pool. Try Synchro practices are as follows:

Tuesday 3 practice session

7:30 to 9:00 pm

Thursday 3 practice session

4:30 to 6:00 pm

  1A: Jul 30th practice
1B: Aug 4th   practice 2A: Aug 6th  practice
2B: Aug 11th practice 3A: Aug 13th practice
3B: Aug 18th practice  

It is best to register for practices on the same day (Tuesday or Thursday) to allow for consistency of coaches, swimmers and optimal progression of skills. For those unable to attend a practice in session A or B one week it is possible to select the corresponding coloured practice on the opposite day.

The cost is an affordable $50 for the 3-practice session.

For more information about Try Synchro or to register, visit And if you’re unable to make those dates, visit the website in August to register for the recreational program which starts up again in September.