Local author publishes two new children’s books

Barrhaven is home to many traditional brick and mortar businesses, but our community is also home to a thriving home based business marketplace. Today we feature a guest post by local author Stefania Moffatt who’s recently published two popular children’s books. Both publications aim to inspire young readers to embrace the challenges they may face in life and thrive in spite of them.

The Superhero In All of Us

Stefania Moffatt

Seeing beyond labels, titles, ailments and instead looking at our similarities enables us to see the superhero in all of us. Children are perhaps the most able to see beyond the labels, which encouraged me to write and successfully self-publish two children’s books, Everyday Superhero and Headstrong. My written works are a labor of love — both books are inspired by two special people in my life.

Book illustrationEveryday Superhero features an eight-year-old girl, Kat, who has cerebral palsy (CP). The book highlights all the cool things Kat can do including dancing, riding roller coasters, traveling, dreaming and talking. Everyday Superhero is aimed for kids of ALL abilities. Kat is a real-life superhero and I continue to be in awe of her coolness and amazing abilities. I’m very proud to be an aunt to the real-life Kat.

My niece has CP. She’s a beautiful, funny, strong, brave and inspiring human being (yes, all those things and more!). Anyone who meets her is in awe of her smile and confidence. My goal was to write a book that demonstrated all these great qualities while inspiring children and adults. I also wanted the book to be light in nature despite the seriousness of the disability. That’s where my kids come in — they were key in providing some of the funny comments within the book. Over the years I’ve recorded the silly comments they’ve said hoping someday to use them in a book.

After Everyday Superhero’s initial success I began writing a second book, Headstrong.

Headstrong is about a fun-loving girl who likes to make people laugh. When Ellie was in her mommy’s tummy the doctors discovered a cyst on her brain, which turned out to be hydrocephalus. Headstrong documents Ellie’s operations soon after birth to her life today. Again, the inspiration for this book was a real-life hero in my life.

The “headstrong” girl in my life is a vibrant and bright 10 year old who enjoys various activities, including reading and telling jokes. She has a clever sense of humor and is inquisitive. I enjoyed writing Headstrong and wanted to encourage young readers to never give up as Ellie is a perfect example that you’re never too small to inspire.

Both books are inspiring, heartfelt and beautifully illustrated by Jessica Fleury. Jess is an Ottawa resident, Girl Guide leader and recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Everyday Superhero and Headstrong are great for kids of all ages and are a perfect addition to a home, classroom, library, daycare or any child-centered facility. Both books can be borrowed from the Ottawa Public Library. In fact, several libraries and organizations across Canada and the U.S. carry Everyday Superhero and Headstrong.

Writing and publishing the books has given me the opportunity to meet some great kids and adults. I welcome the opportunity to read at schools, day cares, etc. Please contact me (stefaniamoffatt@gmail.com) if you would like me to speak about the writing process and/or read the book(s).

Each book sells for $10 plus shipping and can be purchased on my site: stefaniamoffatt.com.