CityMakers! Synapcity is Coming to Barrhaven

Barrhaven Community Planning

By Patricia Chau and Stephane Pressault

Barrhaven Civics Talks

Join us on November 2nd and November 16th at the Loblaws Cooking School for Civics Talks!

CityMaking is about going outside your comfort zone. It’s about dreaming and learning about what’s important to you for your community while learning with others. We at Synapcity are so excited to be hosting a Civics Talks in Barrhaven. We are convinced that Barrhaven is a vibrant community. That it is a place of potential and a place that can thrive.

In Barrhaven, we have an amazing diversity of neighbors: well educated and professionally diverse, dedicated and compassionate people, and families with a rich multicultural background. Neighbours can offer new perspectives to contribute to how to make Barrhaven a better place to live, but we can often find ourselves isolated. Residents actively host  Facebook groups where you can share your thoughts on safety, ask for parenting advice, and recommend local restaurants and services. For example, this September an unfortunate barn fire occurred To help, a group of people started a GoFundMe campaign. Many neighbors were affected, expressing how the barn and animals enriched their daily commute.

You can feel the positive vibes, politeness, and solidarity of our Barrhaven community online, let’s get out and meet each other in person to do even more! Civics talks is an amazing opportunity for residents wanting to improve our communities and contribute to building a better place to live. It is a chance for us to come together to discuss common challenges, learn about disperse activities happening, and to find synergies between our projects.

We believe that every single person who lives in a City has the answer to that question. There are many ways to think about a great place. Perhaps it is the place you’ve first fallen in love. Maybe it is your go-to destination when you want to spend time on your own. For others, it may be the place where you find community.Nevertheless, a great place is somewhere people feel they belong.

One of our offers for Civics Talks is to uncover dreams. To uncover what is a great place. We team up with local residents to imagine what kind of future they want. We dream of a dynamic and engaged Barrhaven. We’ve chosen the Loblaws because we believe that the grocery stores is a place that brings people from all walks of life together.

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Barrhaven Civics Talks