Delish Grill a welcomed addition to the Barrhaven restaurant scene

Years ago, there was a Lebanese restaurant on Somerset street called Fairouz which was one of my favorites at the time. It was located right in the center of restaurant row and featured amazing food and, on Saturday nights, authentic belly dancers who sometimes wielded scary looking swords. The decor and atmosphere at Fairouz was amazing, but it’s their food that I miss the most. It was authentic and each bite just burst with flavor.

Delish Grill Barrhaven

Recently I visited a new restaurant in Barrhaven called Delish Grill. It’s located at the corner of Kennevale and Strandherd and while you won’t find any sword wielding belly dancers at this location, what you will find is food that punches well above its weight class. Much like my meals at Fairouz, each bite of my Kafta platter was bursting with flavor. The platter came with tabbouleh, rice and salad. The greens were very fresh and crispy while the rice was perfectly cooked. And like the kafta, all were spiced just right. I’ve only enjoyed lunch at the Delish Grill, but I will definitely be back for breakfast and dinner.

Delish Grill Kafta Platter
Delish Grill Kafta Platter

The secret behind this new restaurant is the chef. You can tell he really cares that each of the meals he prepares meets nothing but the highest of standards. Don’t mistake the Delish Grill for a fast food restaurant. The meals are cooked fresh off the grill in real time with only the best local ingredients. And one word of caution. Bring a good appetite. Not only is the food delicious, but the portions are quite generous.

Whether you’re looking to eat in or take out, Delish Grill is a much welcome addition to the Barrhaven restaurant scene. Highly recommended.

You can find Delish listed on the Barrhaven Business Directory and Facebook.