Linda Lim – A true reflection of our community

Linda Lim - BarrhavenYou have probably seen or come into contact with Linda Lim at some point. Linda is a dedicated citizen of Barrhaven who has devoted decades being actively involved and participating with local sports teams and volunteering in many of the community’s schools, churches and playgroups. If you don’t remember her perhaps your children do or maybe you recognize her bright smiling face waving back to you at the Barrhaven Christmas parade on Strandherd Drive each year. Linda works tirelessly to the benefit of those around her whether they be family, friends, neighbors or even strangers.

This year Linda faced her own challenged when she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Since May, Linda has undergone colon surgery and is almost halfway through her chemotherapy treatments. She is unstoppable and lets everyone know that she is going to kick cancer to the curb. Linda is fighting cancer head on. She remains positive, constantly laughing and keeping her strength up with her healthy appetite.

Linda never says no to offering her helping hands or listening ears. She does whatever she can to support those around her through life’s celebrations and challenges. She is a married mother of four children, Aimee, Rebecca, Michael and Nicole who no doubt are following in their mother’s footsteps. Her children also volunteer countless hours in the community and spread kindness and generosity ‎routinely.

Linda has been a long time home daycare provider in Barrhaven and has been fantastic at helping to raise our children in a safe, nurturing and loving environment. She has been a positive influence and has instilled her wonderful gifts as a mother, teacher and provider. Sadly, in spring Linda had to close her daycare doors so that she could focus her efforts on her cancer battle.

These days you may not find Linda climbing the swing set to free the swings flipped over the bar at the park however she still remains active! Linda enjoys walking, attending local functions and her children’s activities while volunteering at her church and a local daycare with a big smile on her face. Linda also enjoys sharing her story about her experience and how to stay positive with whatever challenges you may face.‎

Linda could use your help, encouragement and the support from the community that she loves. You can learn more about Linda at her FundRazr campaign put together by the families of her daycare kids. It is our chance to give back to Linda by reading, sharing and better yet, donating to our Barrhaven gem, Linda Lim.