So Ottawa, you’re interested in cosmetic injectables…

Ottawa Barrhaven cosmetic injectablesHi, my name is Nurse Chelsey. I’m a Registered Nurse and I own and operate Ottawa’s newest cosmetic injectables clinic.

We are The Cosmetic Clinic Inc. and our goal is to create a service that has all the right ingredients to be replicated all over Canada. We picked our headquarters to be conveniently located in Barrhaven for many reasons. I promise I will get to them.

What do cosmetic injectables mean? Well yes, it means injecting a pharmaceutical past the skin. Yes, it means fillers and toxin therapy (Botox®) and other clinical skin treatments. To me, however, it means so much more. You should never get to cosmetic injections without first going over patient needs, fears, medical history, expectations, budget, and questions.

Our Services

Dermal Fillers

As we age, the amount of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin gradually diminishes resulting in the skin becoming dryer, thinner, and more wrinkled. Dermal fillers are a long-lasting, but not a permanent form of Hyaluronic Acid. The gel mimics the naturally occurring substance in our bodies. When injected under the surface of the skin, the gel adds volume, improves hydration, smoothes facial lines and folds and can be used to enhance and reshape features. Consult a licensed medical professional before undergoing any dermal filler procedure.


Neuromodulators are medications that can be used cosmetically for the treatment of wrinkles. Wrinkles are caused by repeated movement of the facial muscles. Neuromodulators can also be used to treat a condition known as hyperhydrosis, a common condition that causes excessive sweating. Book a consultation to determine if you could benefit from this treatment, or other treatments neuromodulators are used for.

Chin / Jawline Sculpting

There are several treatments that can enhance the features of your chin and jawline. Often, we might decide to do different treatments together to achieve the best result. Chin sculpting can also be done with filler. Filler is used when a more prominent chin shape is desired. For women, most desire a pointier chin that helps balance the features of her face. In addition to chin sculpting, she may appreciate a jawline such as Angelina Jolie. For men, a more masculine jawline is common, and a squarer chin. Results from this type of filler typically last 18 to 24 months. Each person will require a different amount of filler to achieve their desired outcome. Please book a consultation with The Cosmetic Clinic to discuss how we can help you achieve the chin and jawline of your dreams.

Hair Loss Solutions (coming soon)

This treatment involves drawing the client’s own blood and extracting the platelet layer. The Platelet Rich Plasma layer is re-injected into areas of hair loss, usually the scalp. The proteins found in the highly concentrated platelet layer stimulate or ‘wake up’ the hair-producing cells that have gotten tired. Along with rejuvenating and reconstructing skin and hair, these platelets increase the viability of the hair follicle and improve their survival rate. Even more exciting; your body will not reject this solution because it is made with your own cells and contains your own bio-markers!

Barrhaven Ottawa Cosmetic Injection Clinic Services

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Needs, interests, desires; they all mean the same thing. They are precursors to a journey for asking questions to the right people who can hopefully help them. Needs are what direct consultation and the practitioner asks questions in return to determine what it is the client is looking for and how we can play a part in the journey. If your injector is not asking you questions, they are not engaging with your needs. A consultation is pivotal.

Fears. We fear anticipated change and maximize personal safety. This is a good thing! It is in our DNA to feel fear to protect us from potentially harmful situations. When it comes to my line of work, anticipated change is what people are looking for, however, there can always be the fear of looking “too different,” also for good reason.

We should always have the goal of still looking ourselves. How do we feel good about refreshing ourselves if we do not even look ourselves in the end? Then we have the fear of safety. Are there risks with injectables? Yes! Therefore, for all aspects of your fear, the consultation is so important. We explain the risks for each procedure but then we also explain what we do to minimize risks.

The injector must know facial anatomy. No exclusions. Wherever a needle is injected, there must be anatomical knowledge of what is underneath. I like to talk while I am injecting, I feel it is important to express to the patient that I have a calculated reason for everything I do.

Pain. This is the most common fear I see expressed in patients. We explain during the consultation the different and appropriate ways we minimize pain. Pain management has come a long way in medical history and many advancements have been made. Research shows relieving pain during and after procedures has positive effects on healing.

How do we know if injections pose a threat to you personally? We ask the right questions. Through careful analysis and medical history, we find out your individual potential risk for the most and least common complications. We ask the questions to tease out these risks. The medical history is tailored to aesthetic medicine and the specific treatment you are interested in. It is a very specialized history.

nurse chelsey ottawa cosmetic injectables
Expectations. This is the most challenging portion of my work. We do have limitations and we need to work within them to keep this industry alive and credible. It is our job to determine what our patients expect, so we can deliver with confidence or explain why it is not realistic. Generally, patients know what aesthetic changes they desire before they come in; the rest rely on our professional opinion. However the desire manifests, we still need to manage what you are expecting out of your treatment.

I am going to include budget in managing expectations. Do not expect a facelift on a very small budget. That being said, it is only respectful and necessary to ask about budget because it is a factor in determining how we should proceed. We need to know what your most important concern is and focus the budget on that. Perhaps we have an opinion on how we can get the best bang for your buck to get you closer to your goal in a way you did not think about. Does this feel like this is about trust? Great! The relationship between a medical professional and the patient is reliant on trust. I rely on it as much as the patient does.

Questions. The point of rendering consent for a medical procedure (which is mandatory) is to protect you. After reading your consent form, if you have any further questions you must ask them. Your questions guide us to your safety, your desires, your aesthetic result, and your expectations. The consent form provides the information you need to proceed with engaging in a medical treatment. Please ask questions if you do not understand any portion of the treatment. This is true whether you are in my clinic or an emergency room.

Barrhaven cosmetic injectiblesAfter going over needs, fears, budget, questions and establishing some trust, then we can proceed with the treatment. If you noticed, all the information you need about cosmetic injectables comes out during the consultation. The consultation is the guide. We pride ourselves in taking the time to show you that your safety and results matter.

Do not expect that when you come in, we put you in the chair and start injecting. NO! There is an entire list of items to go through first. It is said that people remember how they felt more than a person’s name or title.

This industry is exciting for me. I am constantly in awe of the possibilities. I smile the moment I hear “I absolutely love it!” or “this is lifechanging.” There is a level of trust that I appreciate about providing a cosmetic injectable experience. It is a privilege. Yes, this career involves a lot of education, training, certifications, and experience however, you can technically select any injector to do this for you. So, when you come to my clinic, it is my duty to provide a genuine experience. You will notice my care in your comfort. When it comes to safety, I am in charge but when it comes to your experience, you are, which is a part of the reason I began the first Cosmetic Clinic in Barrhaven.

Barrhaven boasts a vastly growing commercial and residential area. People matter here. Barrhaven is a community. It has free parking and quick access to major highways. It has newness and heritage. It has a farm community and bustle. It also still has room for growth, and I do not mean in size or number of houses. Barrhaven represents a lot of what matters to The Cosmetic Clinic and Nurse Chelsey. We must build our foundation from a spot that is most congruent with the values and virtues of the company to create a recipe for replication.

Nurse Chelsey Brown
Nurse Chelsey Brown

I am so pleased to introduce myself to you and to represent Barrhaven to the rest of the greater Ottawa area and beyond. I ask one question of you in return; at any point, if you have questions about cosmetic injectables, make your first stop at 900 Greenbank, suite 204.

It is my prerogative to get you the right knowledge and to put you first while doing it.

Chelsey Brown, RN and Owner of
The Cosmetic Clinic Inc.