The Mom Conference – a great local event for Barrhaven Moms

Kudos to me for surviving another “Mom!… Mommy!.. Ma!..Mama!”, or my old time favourite “Maaather!!” [insert teeny weeny whinny voices & snotty noses here] kind of day, and we haven’t even gotten to homework yet.

As a “mother” I have survived the unknown, put up with small audiences while using the Loo, lived through countless (please give me strength) overly dramatic temper tantrums, smiled through the judgemental stares from stranger, and endless droning,  “Mommy I have a sore tummy”, “Ma she touched my doll”.., “Mama my finger hurts”… moments.

Truth be told, being a mom has often left me full of worries, insecurities, and my own snotty noses and ugly cries. On a daily basis I obsess over my bank account, worry about the future, and how we’re going to survive getting through it all.  I think as a mom it’s very easy to somehow lose yourself, the woman behind the ‘Maaaaather!’ along the way, and drown in all the stresses and little details.

The Ottawa Mom Conference

Which is why The Mom Conference was created. What I look forward to the most at The Mom Conference is to make connections with other REAL moms that “get me”.

I will invest in myself with a well-deserved mommy day. Guilt free.  I will chat up some experts and take in all of their knowledge.  I will revitalize my mommy brain, and just be me… a mom, and a woman.  I won’t worry about wiping anyone’s nose, or stepping on a piece of Lego, or getting lunch ready, or referee who actually had it first.

I’m going to drink my coffee hot, make some new friends, win some prizes, all while getting all the information I need to be more informed, making me less stressed.

And who knows, maybe I’ll find my Mojo along the way.

If you’re reading this and nodding in agreement, or maybe you haven’t gotten this far in the blog post because you’ve been interrupted ten times,  but if you have, then come join a bunch of other Moms who are living it up, just like you are.

The Mom Conference, Saturday March 5th, 2016, at The Holiday Inn and Suites, Kanata, Ont from 9am-5pm (childcare is available!) Check out the website at or on Facebook at or on Twitter @The_Mom_Conf.

Hang in there Mom, you’ve got this.