The Ottawa Newcomers’ Club turns 50 this year!

The Ottawa Newcomers’ Club is a social organization which helps women new to Ottawa or those who have experienced a significant life change to meet new friends and become part of the community.

Barrhaven Club

Maryann, one of the club members, shares her experience with the community:

My husband and I moved to Barrhaven in 2014. We had lived in North Bay for 35 years prior to that. We raised our two children there but, as adults, they both moved to Ottawa. When our granddaughter was born, we decided to make the move as well. It was nice to be able to spend more quality family time, but meeting new people was a challenge.

So in 2015 I decided to look into the Ottawa Newcomers Club. I immediately felt a kinship to the members, many of whom had moved here to be with family also. I enjoy the variety of activities offered each month and have developed lasting friendships with many of the attendees. My social calendar usually includes potluck lunches, dining out, walks and book club. I have visited museums and other points of interest with the group, and in the process, have become more familiar with the city and how to get around. In 2020 I moved on to the Ottawa Newcomers Alumni Club and I continue to enjoy the association. It has been key to easing my transition to a new community.

About the club:

The Ottawa Newcomers Club (ONC) welcomes women who are new to Ottawa or have recently experienced a significant life change. After a few years in ONC, members move to the Alumnae club (Ottawa Newcomers Alumnae Club ONAC) to continue those friendships. We are a non-profit, social organization run entirely by volunteers, whose purpose is to help women meet new friends, learn more about the city and area, and become part of their new community. We are part of a national organization that has clubs in many cities in Canada. The Ottawa club (ONAC) began in 1974 with 12 members and now averages around 200 members.

You can learn more about the organization by visiting their website at: Ottawa Newcomers Club