Video review of Next Issue app for iPad and Android tablets

A while back I wrote a few blog post outlining strategies you can use to shave up to $200 off your monthly bills. These strategies included replacing cable TV with an antenna capable of receiving over the air digital signals, replacing your telephone land line with an internet based phone service and replacing magazine purchases with a tablet based subscription service.

Today, I want to have a second look at the iPad based Next Issue magazine service (it also works on the Android tablet platform).

For those unfamiliar with Next Issue, it’s a $10 per month service that brings over 130 magazines to your iPad. That’s the equivalent of a subscription to every magazine you see at your local grocers or book store for only $10 per month.

If you buy more than 2 magazines per month, you’ll instantly start saving money. I usually buy 4-6 magazines a month, therefore I’m saving about $35 every 4 weeks. Best of all, Next Issue offers me access to back issues I may have missed, and the iPad versions of the magazines often include exclusive video and interactive content that is not available on newsstands.

I signed up for the FREE one month trial and was hooked. I suddenly has a much broader selection of content to read, in a format I prefered, for a lot less than I was spending on physical magazines.

To give you an idea of how Next Issues works, I’ve put together a short 4 minute video demonstration of the app running on an iPad.

For best results, I would suggest watching the video in full screen mode.

To start your FREE one month trial of Next Issue, simply click on the link below.