613Hittas is a Barrhaven Dance Group that’s spreading positive vibes throughout the community

A while back, I came across a local Barrhaven dance group called 613Hittas on Instagram. Their videos immediately caught my attention not only for their unique video style, but mainly because they emanate such positivity through their dance skills. There’s something magical about watching others have this much fun. And let’s face it, we can all use some positive vibes right now. So to properly introduce this amazing dance group, I’ll let their dancing speak for itself.

Introducing 613Hittas


Tell us about how 613Hittas came together as a group and who makes up its membership.

The 613Hittas really came together by having fun. We met in high school, and during dances and intramural events we would always dance and turn up together. 613PJ and Syve were the first to make videos with the 613Hittas name. After getting some hype from friends and classmates, we recruited KahKahZoe and decided to meet up at school, invite a bunch of people, and do our first dance video. The group today consists of 3 main members, @613PJ, @HiitsLikeSyve and @KahKahZoe.

A lot of work goes into each of your videos. Beyond amazing dancing, there’s music curation, production, video editing, etc. – Tell us about how you brought together such an incredible team.

The 613hittas first started off as good friends in high school. As we all know music and dancing can bring all kinds of people together. Dancing at school gave us a lot of courage and inspiration to make an account of our own to show others how much fun you can have dancing with friends. Each of the 613Hittas members all had different tastes in music, and coming together gave us a chance to showcase all kinds of different music and dance styles simultaneously to reach out to a larger audience.

Every time I watch one of your videos, it just puts me in a good place. You all seem to be having such an amazing time. And we can all use some cheering up lately. Was spreading positive vibes part of your vision for the group?

Definitely. One thing we always used to love was getting crowds of people at school to turn up and cheer. Hearing them screaming and having a good time in turn made us dance harder and better. Nowadays, seeing comments and words of encouragement give us that same type of energy. If we can spread a little bit of joy and positivity in a year that’s been very tough for everyone, we’ll be glad to do it.

Beyond being amazing dancers and performers, I sense that you’re also pretty savvy marketers who know how to leverage social media. How important are business skills in terms of personal growth?

Business skills are extremely important in terms of personal growth. In a way, we kind of have to run our group like a business. We have to market ourselves, reach out to potential clients, find ways to promote ourselves among other things. Simply posting isn’t enough to gain traction and see success, there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes.

What does the future hold for 613Hittas? What are your plans for the group moving forward?

Great things are ahead for us as a group moving forward. We’re planning on making our own 613Hittas gear to wear for our videos, as well as live performances, and in rappers’ music videos. We’ll also be vlogging in the future to give our fans an inside look at how we do what we do. We’re very excited for what’s next and hopefully we get to collaborate with different types of artists and overall brands. Things are going very well for us currently and we’re ready to take this to the next level.


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