Bone Voyage – an alternative to traditional Barrhaven Kennels

Today we feature a guest post from a local business that will be of special interest to Barrhaven dog owners. I used to have a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog named George and I never once left in a kennel – too much like prison for dogs. I just wish I knew about Bone Voyage when he was still with us. He would have loved daily trips to Bruce Pit while we were away for the weekend!

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Bone Voyage Barrhaven

Have you ever gone away for a weekend with an uneasy feeling? Something a little more than “Hmmmm… Did I leave the basement lights on?” or “I hope the BBQ cover doesn’t get blown off again while we’re away”. What about “Gee, I hope Bella is okay. She didn’t look too happy when we left her at that noisy kennel”. Or “That Kijiji ad sounded great, but I’m not sure about that place, there were 9 dogs in that house”.

Some people I know of won’t even go away for a weekend, much less a week-long trip, if they don’t have friends who’ll look after their beloved pets while they’re away. Maybe their dogs are a little nervous. Maybe they don’t get along great with other dogs. Sometimes their dogs are rescues who were kept in less than ideal conditions or spent too long in a shelter, so their new owners want nothing but love and comfort for them, even if they have to go away for a few days. Enter Bone Voyage.

At Bone Voyage, we look after your dog as we would look after our own. We are a network of dog-loving families that welcome your dogs to the comforts that they’re accustomed to. Your dog lives in a home with a family – no kennels or cages or huge numbers of dogs. Does Max like to sleep on the bed for an hour before getting down to lie on a cool floor for the night? Does Maisy like to have somone home all day so she can lie at their feet while they work? Does Jake want to play fetch at the park after dinner before he crashes on the couch, snoring? These are the kinds of requests we get and happily accommodate, as well as many, many more.

Barrhaven Dog CareAt Bone Voyage we take pride in offering a premium, personalized service to you and your pet at a reasonable price. We know your dog is happiest when he or she is at home with his own family. But when you have to go away, your dogs can stay in a home with a family, just like they’re used to. We have eight care providers in Barrhaven alone! Why put your dog in a Barrhaven kennel when your dog could be living with a Barrhaven a family in their home? Some care providers have their own dogs and make daily trips to off leash parks. Some work from home and have no pets of their own, and your dog gets all the attention. You tell us what your dog needs and you always get to meet the care provider before paying a deposit.

We only have small numbers of dogs in each home – anywhere from one to four dogs – if your dog needs to be the only dog, we can accommodate that! And we probably have a care provider not far from your home, saving you time and gas and making your life easier! Whether you’re away for a weekend or for the winter, we can arrange care for your dog.

Bone Voyage is licensed and insured and has been caring for Ottawa dogs since 2004. You can visit our website at

And if you’re a dog-lover who would enjoy having a part-time pet, we are always looking for care providers in the Ottawa area.