The other (and better) Bluesfest going on this week

The Ottawa Bluefest is a great summer event – but let’s be honest, they need to re-brand themselves as the yearly event has morphed into what is arguably no longer a blues festival. The festival now celebrates a wide variety of musical genres,  and has grown in both scope and attendance. But sometimes, bigger isn’t better. I personally find that the Ottawa Bluesfest is too crowded, with horrible sight lines and bad sound. Yes, the younger generation will still enjoy what’s on offer there, but for true Barrhaven blues fans, there is another alternative that needs to be considered.

Tremblant Blues Festival
Unlike Bluesfest in Ottawa, the Tremblant festival features true blues music from some of the biggest acts in the industry.

Every July, a true international Blues festival takes place at Mont-Tremblant in the Laurentians. The 2014 edition of the Mont-Tremblant International Blues Festival runs from July 4th until the 13th. This festival is all about real blues music, and the venue is just about perfect for a fun summer music festival. So what makes the Tremblant Bluesfest so special?

  • The venue: Located in the heart of the Laurentians, Mont-Tremblant is a beautiful and scenic summer resort town. Acts take place all day long on 4 separate stages. Each venue features great sight lines, with most surrounded by quaint cafés.
  • The sound: Not too loud, and very clear. Perfect for the blues. Outdoor concerts don’t always feature the best audio quality, but the crews at Tremblant have got it down to a science.
  • The crowds: Or rather, lack thereof. The festival is well attended by blues fans from all over the world, but the venue never seems crowded because the acts are spread out over many stages.
  • The value: Admission to the Tremblant Bluesfest is free. The only costs are a tank of gas to get there and back, and parking. We recommend bringing some spending money for a nice cold beverage and snack on one of the many outdoor patios overlooking the various stages. It really doesn’t get any better than this!
  • The Artists:  You might not recognize many of the artists names at this festival unless you’re a true blues fan. And that’s a good thing. What we love the most about the Tremblant Blues festival is discovering new artists and the wide variety of blues music on offer.

So if you’re looking for a fun music festival that features great music, superb sound and smaller crowds, the 100% free Tremblant International Blues festival might be right for you. It’s only two hours away from Barrhaven, making it the perfect weekend (or weekday) getaway.

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