Verdun Windows – a great service providers for Barrhaven residents

It’s a product we all use every day. Our residential portal on the outside world. I am, of course, referring to windows. We never give them much thought until it’s time to either replace them or add yet another coat of paint on the exterior framing.

Today I want to send a business Kudo out to a company who’s offered me great service over the years with respect to window replacements.

Verdun Windows and Doors

Verdun Windows and Doors

Let’s start with window replacement. There are many companies who offer this service to Barrhaven residents, many of which offer the very latest in energy efficient windows. When I performed my research, I didn’t find that product selection varied significantly from one vendor to the next.

What really matters when it comes to selecting a vendor for window replacement is the experience of their sales staff and installers, as well as the quality of their workmanship. This is why we’ve been repeat customers of Verdun Windows and Doors. They offer a quality sales experience that starts with an in-home consultation and ends with a professional installation.

The in-home sales/consultation started with them listening to what our goals were. In our case, we wanted a product that would increase our energy efficiency while cutting down on exterior maintenance (painting). We wanted a product that was aesthetically pleasing and well integrated with the existing look of both our exterior and interior decor.

The staff at Verdun helped us select the right product, at a price point that fell within our budget. Our only quibble with the process was the wait time between order and delivery – it was several weeks, but we understand that when ordering from a top tier vendor, you sometimes have to wait a little longer for installation.

And installation is what makes Verdun windows shine. When it comes to windows, quality installation makes or breaks the project. Workmanship matters here, and that’s the main reason we continue to do business with Verdun. Their installation crews are their own employees, not subcontractors. That makes all the difference in the world. The installers have the experience of thousands of window installations under their belts and know that their reputation hinges on the quality of their work. They take great pride in their work, and it shows.

I have no hesitation in recommending Verdun windows for all your window replacement needs. They have an A+ rating on the Ottawa Better Business Bureau website – you can view their full report here.